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Added 2003-06-24
by Chris
GKrellMEris is a plugin for GKrellM which displays the current date in Discordian date format as a scrolling text string in the GKrellM window. The format of the string can be configured by the user using control codes like those provided by ddate.

Added 2003-06-18
by Gunnar Wolf
Tepatche is a patch management system for OpenBSD. It will periodically check a specified FTP site, and if there is a new patch to be applied, downloads, applies, builds and installs it. Tepatche mantains a small status database to know in what is the status of each of the system's patches.

Added 2003-06-18
by Matt Brown
SRG (Squid Report Generator) is a log file analyzer and report generator for the Squid Web proxy. It was created to allow easy integration with authentication systems such as those that are used for squid itself. It is fast and flexible, and can report details down to the individual files fetched.

UDP Ping Logger
Added 2003-06-18
by Mats Engstrom
Uplog is an UDP-based ping program that gives an ASCII graphical log of packet loss. Once per second, it sends a UDP packet to the echo port of the target host and waits for a reply. If it gets a reply an X is written, otherwise a dot is written to the log file. If a packet with an incorrect sequence number arrives, a colon is written to the log file. By examining the log file, one can easily see when and how the packet losses occur.

Monitoring Application for Resources and Servers
Added 2003-06-16
by Brian H. Trammell Ben Parrot
MARS is a host based system monitoring tool. It contains a distributed agent, SPOT, which is placed on each host. The MARS server can then obtain information about each of the machines the agent is running on, including status, load information, disk activity and memory information. MARS is Java based, and should run on any Unix supporting Java, as well as Microsoft Windows products.

Alarm Pinger (apinger)
Added 2003-03-26
by Jacek Konieczny
Alarm Pinger (apinger) is a little tool which monitors various IP devices by simple ICMP echo requests. Unlike most Perl or shell script tools, it does not spawn processes or use much CPU time, and is ideal for when one wants continuous monitoring and fast response upon target failure. It is written in C and supports both IPv4 and IPv6.

Added 2003-02-13
by trollhunter project manager
trollhunter offers various tools to either analyze existing logfiles or monitor firewall activity in real time. Currently standard log messages generated by a Linux 2.4 kernel netfilter/iptables firewall are supported. You can choose from a Perl/Tk interface or run in commandline standard ASCII color TTY terminal.

Added 2002-12-17
by J.W. Janssen
dasm2 is a rewrite of the original dasm script by SiuL+Hacky from July 1999. This version has additional features like debug information interleaving into the output code and complete cross referencing of function and system calls.

Added 2002-12-11
by William Stearns
ssh-keyinstall is a script that helps an ssh user set up the keys at both ends of an ssh connection. It creates an rsa or dsa key if needed and copies the public half to the server. Once the process is done, you'll be able to log in with the passphrase and key instead of a password.

Sysload server monitor
Added 2002-11-27
by Good NRG
Sysload does system performance monitoring on operating systems (Unix, Linux, Windows 2000/XP and NT, Netware, AS/400, GC0S7), databases (Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, Informix, Sybase), and applications (including Oracle Applications, SAP, Exchange, and IIS). It offers robust alerting and monitoring, and performance management solutions.

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