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Category: Network Utilities » Miscellaneous

Java Object Inspector
Added 2002-12-17
by Jan P. Monsch, Compass Security
The Java Object Inspector is used for testing client Java applications or applets which talk to the server with serialized Java objects. This tool is inserted into a Java application to inspect and modify member variables of live Java objects before they are streamed to the network.

BSM Psuedonymizer
Added 2002-12-16
by Konrad Rieck
BSM Psuedonymizer pseudonymizes records from Solaris BSM audit trail files. Personal data such as user IDs, group IDs, etc. is replaced with pseudonyms so that the generated output doesn't reveal private information about the system's users, but still preserves a maximum of integrity and consistency.

MAC Changer
Added 2002-12-06
by Alvaro Lopez Ortega
MAC Changer is a utility for viewing/manipulating the MAC addresses of network interfaces. It can set specific, random, vendor-based (with a 6000+ vendor list), and device-type-based MACs.

Added 2002-12-04
by Arne Vidstrom
DBProbe checks the amplification factor for a particular network when you send a directed broadcast ping to it.

Added 2002-12-04
by Arne Vidstrom
PStoreView lists the contents of the Protected Storage. It usually contains things like Internet Explorer username and password autocomplete, and Outlook account names and passwords.

RPAK - Routing Protocol Attack Kit
Added 2002-12-04
by Arne Vidstrom
RPAK is a collection of tools that can be useful for doing attacks on routing protocols. It contains tools for RIP, RIP2, IGRP and OSPF.

Added 2002-11-25
by Damien Miller (for 0.0.0 release only)
audio-entropyd reads sound from a stereo soundcard, takes the difference between the left and right channels and feeds the result (via a secure hash) to the /dev/random entropy pool. This can be useful for machines which require a lot of random data (e.g IPsec security gateways) to ensure that the kernel entropy pool does not deplete and /dev/random does not block.

Added 2002-11-18
by Balazs Lecz
preplay stands for Packet REPLAYer. It is a general, user-space tool for network packet replaying and packet modification on Linux systems.

Added 2002-11-18
by PelDaddy
Spinner is useful for keeping telnet and ssh links from dropping due to inactivity. Many firewalls and some ISPs drop connections when they are perceived as idle. By having spinner running the server is constantly sending a tiny amount of data over the link, preserving the connection. Spinner acts as a keep-alive. It displays a little "spinning" ASCII character in the top left corner of your terminal. It supports any terminal capable of handling VT100-style escape codes. It also has a mode called "Ghost in the Machine" mode. In this mode you can use Spinner to write the spinner character to ANY tty, not just your own.

Safer Password Generator
Added 2002-11-14
by Tom Veatch
Safer Password Generator creates English-like passwords, although they are not English words, or even (usually) combinations of English words or names. So password-cracking algorithms which search for English words and names and combinations of them will have a very hard time with Sprex passwords.

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