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Category: Policy Enforcement » Email

Added 2003-06-16
by gareuselesinge
SaveMyModem is an anti-spam, mail-shaping, and delete-on-server mail tool. It is designed for users with slow dialup connections, who are tired of downloading large amounts of spam and worm and virus attachments.

Added 2003-06-13
by Jesper Nøhr
PheTail automatically tails an amavisd-new logfile for activity. Whenever relevant activity is found, it is written to a SQL database.

Vipul's Razor
Added 2003-06-09
by Vipul Ved Prakash
Vipul's Razor is a distributed, collaborative, spam detection and filtering network that exploits the broadcast characteristic of spam distribution to limit its propagation. The primary focus of the system is to identify and disable an email spam before its injection and processing is complete. Razor establishes a distributed and constantly updating catalogue of spam in propagation. This catalogue is used by clients to filter out known spam.

Added 2003-06-09
by Hans-Georg Esser
MailBounce adds a bounce feature to Mozilla/Netscape (and possibly other mail clients) that does the same as the bounce feature of console mail clients such as mutt. When a mail is bounced, its content isn't touched or marked with ">", and the From: address isn't changed either, so a reply to a bounced mail will go to the original mail sender, not to the bouncing person.

Added 2003-06-09
by Dennis Plöger
SpamCruncher uses the SpamAssassin engine to identify spam on remote POP3 or IMAP servers.

Added 2003-05-26
by Martin Balvers
sa-exim-stats generates some spam/mail statistics from an sa-exim logfile. sa-exim is a patch for Exim which integrates SpamAssassin into Exim. Some of the statistics it displays are the "top n" spam/clean/overall recipients and the average spam/clean score.

Async Blockreport
Added 2003-04-03
by Christian Reis
Async Blockreport processes sendmail logs and produces reports of the messages blocked using DNSBLs for each system user. Blockreport can be set up as a cron job to mail these reports to your users periodically, providing them with an idea of how much spam they would be getting if the spam filters didn't work, and also telling them if any false positives occurred.

Added 2003-03-28
by Davide Giunchi
qmail-masq is a Perl program that works with qmail. It masquerades the internal mail user's address as an external one when sending email from local users to the outside world.

Script Identifier
Added 2003-02-24
by Robert Sandilands
Scriptid is a program and a library that can be used to determine whether a given text file contains code of a specified programming language. The current release can tell whether a file contains vbscript or not. It should be possible to extend this to any number of other languages. It is important to also download the latest neural network weights update file.

Added 2003-01-24
by Matt Armstrong
RubyFilter is a Ruby email filtering program that can serve as a replacement for email delivery programs such as procmail. It is also a Ruby module which provides classes that make it easy to write programs that filter and deliver email.

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