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The Logging Project
Added 2002-05-30
by Jason Royes
The Logging Project (formerly salt) is a suite of tools which provide centralized, secure, fault-tolerant logging. It is flexible, robust, and easy to integrate, making it an attractive alternative to replacing syslog.

UIF - Userfriendly Iptables Frontend
Added 2002-05-27
by Jörg Platte
The Userfriendly Iptables Frontend is used to generate optimized iptables packet filter rules, using a simple description file specified by the user. Generated rules are provided in iptables- save style. UIF can be used to read or write rulesets to or from LDAP servers in your network, which provides a global storing mechanism. Its aim is to be an easy to configure, human readable packet filter.

Added 2002-05-06
by Edson Medina
ifmonitor is a network interface traffic logger and grapher for Linux. It does not depend on SNMP, and it is written in Perl/PHP. It uses MySQL to store its logs.

Sysstats module for Webmin
Added 2002-05-06
by David Bouius
Sysstats module for Webmin adds a graphical log of historic information. It's modular in design, as to be able to log everything from CPU usage to email box size.

Added 2002-04-23
by Tatsuhiko Miyagawa
mod_log_sqlite is an Apache logging module which enables you to log HTTP accesses stat into the sqlite database engine.

Added 2002-04-15
by anzac
LoFiMo monitors log files in realtime. Its architecture allows you to add components that make it possible to monitor virtually any log-producing facility and render them in many ways. Filters can be used to parse log entries and, for example, only display important information or set the font/color used for rendering log entries. Actions can be assigned to certain log entries to, for example, play a sound when email arrives. LoFiMo makes it possible to implement auditing and accounting for the monitored logs. LoFiMo is written in Java and is platform independent.

log analysis
Added 2002-04-08
by Morty Abzug
log_analysis is a log file analysis engine that extracts relevant data for any of the recognised log messages and produces a summary that is much easier to read. It can be configured to recognize entirely new log types. log_analysis natively understands about 100 different kinds of syslog messages, as well as sulog and wtmp messages for Linux, Solaris, and OpenBSD.

Added 2002-04-03
by RedPhoenix
SNARE (System iNtrusion Analysis and Reporting Environment) is a dynamically loadable kernel module that will form the basis for a host intrusion detection facility and C2-style auditing/event logging capability for Linux.

Added 2002-04-01
by Andras BALI
Iptqlog is the IPTables Queue LOGger. It produces clean, easy-to-understand, and (optionally) colorized logs of the packets that were sent to the user space using the QUEUE target in iptables. Its key features are resolving of IP numbers, port numbers, and protocol numbers, logging to standard output, syslog, or both, saving packets in pcap dump format and the ability to create your own output format.

DU New log notifier and parser
Added 2002-03-28
by Konstantin Riabitsev
DU New log notifier and parser (DULog) periodically tails system logs on *nix systems, parses the output in order to present it in an easily readable format (parsing modules currently exist only for Linux), and mails a final report to the administrator. It can run daily or hourly. DULog is written specifically for large clusters where many systems log to a single loghost using syslog or syslog-ng. Although DULog can be used on standalone systems, other packages (like logwatch) are probably more suitable for such purposes.

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