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Over Your Shoulder: The Debate Over Internet and E-mail Surveillance in the Workplace
By: Ben Malisow 2001-05-23

Vulnerability Assessment Survey
By: Richard Wiens 2000-09-29

Keys to Successful Incident Response Teams
In this article, the author talks about an increasing general awareness amongst organizations to become more tuned into security needs and developments. Building and deploying Incident Response Teams (IRTs) is the next logical step for organizations that have not yet done so, and so the writer walks you through the history, and the steps taken to form successful Incident Response Teams (IRTs), developing quality Incident Prevention and Educational policies, and forensic detail of computer cri...
By: Sarah Granger 2001-08-21

Over Your Shoulder: Why Your Employer is Entitled to Watch You

By: Ben Malisow 2001-05-23

Never Worry About Security
By: John D. Johnson 2000-08-18

Moment's Notice: The Immediate Steps of Incident Handling
By: Ben Malisow 2000-07-07

Personal Interface: The Relationship Between Users and Security Personnel in the Modern Environment
By: Ben Malisow 2000-04-27

Have Root, Will Hack: 80 Agonizing Hours in the Life of an Information Systems Security Officer
By: Robert G. Ferrell 2000-06-13

Know Your Enemy: A Forensic Analysis
By: Lance Spitzner 2000-05-23

Fortifying My Doghouse while Thieves Steal My Computer
By: John D. Johnson 2000-06-30

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