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Platform: AIX

Added 2001-10-22
by Matt Blaze
The cryptographic file system (also known as CFS) is a way of storing encrypted files and entire directories. It runs as a local nfs server.

UDP packet relayer
Added 2001-10-22
by Tom Fitzgerald
This package consists of 2 components. udprelay is a daemon process which runs on a bastion system and forwards UDP packets in and out of a firewalled network, as directed by a configuration file. Rsendto.c provides routines Rsendto and Rrecvfrom, which allow tunneling through the bastion to arbitrary outside hosts. Rsendto/Rrecvfrom communicate with udprelay using UDP packets encapsulated in a wrapper that includes the address of the remote host/port to transfer traffic to.

Code Breakers Workbench
Added 2001-10-22
by Robert W. Baldwin
The Code Breaker's Workbench - break crypt(1) encrypted files.

Added 2001-10-22
by Van Jacobson
Traceroute is a system administrators utility to trace the route ip packets from the current system take in getting to some destination system. See the comments at the front of the program for a description of its use. This program a) can only be run by root (it uses raw ip sockets). b) REQUIRES A KERNEL MOD to the raw ip output code to run.

Added 2001-10-22
by J-Dog
ViperDB was created as a smaller & faster option to Tripwire. Tripwire while being a great product leaves something to be desired in the speed department and also, by default tripwire generates a report everytime it runs and directs that report to an email address. This hinders most people from running Tripwire every few minutes to do a system check. ViperDB however is the answer to this problem. ViperDB uses a fast plaintext db and is written in perl.

Added 2001-10-22
by Holger Lamm, holger@e-technik.uni-kl.de
pgp4pine is an interactive program for using encryption within the Pine email client. It is compatible with PGP 2/5/6 and GnuPG 1.0.

Added 2001-10-22
by Matt Undy, Anzen Computing
Tcpreplay is a tool to replay saved tcpdump files at arbitrary speeds. Many NIDSs fare poorly when looking for attacks on heavily-loaded networks. Tcpreplay allows you to recreate real network traffic from a real network for use in testing.

MIT PGP Freeware
Added 2001-10-22
by MIT
PGP or Pretty Good Privacy® is a powerful cryptographic software suite that enables people to securely exchange messages, and to secure files, disk volumes and network connections with both privacy and strong authentication. To download it, you need to fill out the MIT form. Click on the link underneath 'by MIT' above for more information. NEW FEATURES IN 6.5.1 PGPnet. PGPnet is a landmark product in the history of PGP. PGPnet secures all TCP/IP communications between itself and any other machine running PGPnet. PGPnet has been successfully tested with Cisco routers(requires Cisco IOS 12.0(4) or later with IPSec TripleDES), Linux FreeS/WAN, and many others. Self-Decrypting Archives. You may now encrypt files or folders into Self-Decrypting Archives (SDA) which can be used by users who do not even have PGP. The archives are completely independent of any application, compressed and protected by PGP's strong cryptography. Integrated PGP Command Line. This version incorporates the popular command line version of PGP for Windows platforms. This product provides you a convenient way to integrate PGP with other Windows applications and automated processes on your desktop system. Please note that this is intended for single user/workstation use. For use on servers, customers are required to purchase the PGP Command Line/Batch Server product. Please contact your local Network Associates Sales representative for more information. Automated Freespace Wiping. PGP's Freespace Wipe feature now allows you to use the Windows Task Scheduler to schedule periodic secure wiping of the freespace on your disk. Hotkeys. The Use Current Window feature has been significantly enhanced by the addition of Hotkeys. By pressing the configured key combination, the Encrypt/Decrypt/Sign functions can be automatically invoked in zero clicks without using PGPtray. Fingerprint Word List. When verifying a PGP public key fingerprint, you can now choose to view the fingerprint as a word list instead of hexadecimal characters. The word list in the fingerprint text box is made up of special authentication words that PGP uses and are carefully selected to be phonetically distinct and easy to understand without phonetic ambiguity. Support for Outlook 2000 and Outlook Express 5.0. This version of PGP adds support for sending and receiving encrypted e-mail in Microsoft Outlook 2000 and Outlook Express 5.0. HTTP Proxy Support. If you are behind a corporate firewall with an HTTP proxy server, PGP now supports accessing HTTP keyservers through the proxy. To use this feature, you must configure the proxy server address in your Internet Explorer preferences. Smart Word Wrapping. The word wrapping in PGP now automatically rewraps paragraphs and even quoted paragraphs resulting in much cleaner signed messages.

Added 2001-10-22
by Brian Costello
K-Arp-Ski is a project that started with the intention of being a simple network mapper and misuse detector. It has since turned into a decent sniffer with a Gtk interface.

Domain Walking Tool
Added 2001-10-22
by Unkown
This simple utility is an sh(1) shell script which allows you to walk first level domains and down.

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