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Category: Utilities » Passwords

Added 2002-08-30
by Dan Melomedman
checkpassword-ldap searches a specified LDAP directory with a constructed LDAP filter from a given prefix, username, and suffix, and fetches an entry. It then compares a given password with the stored password, and proceeds to run a program as specified if passwords match.

Added 2002-08-28
by DLC Sistemas
L0stat generates an statistical report of strength of NT accounts and passwords. This utility gets the L0phtCrack* result files or the LC3 exported text results file and treats the data to give the NT or security administrator a global view of security of their SAM database. As a way to discover NT passwords, L0phtCrack are LC3 great tools. But if you don't want to know the passwords themselves but the global security view of passwords quality, you should go one step beyond. For example, how you can evaluate the security level of an NT entreprise's database with 1000 accounts ? There is the place for L0stat. L0stat doesn't replaces L0phtCrack. L0stat is a reporting tool of data retrieved with L0phtCrack or LC3.

Password Policy Enforcer
Added 2002-08-26
Password Policy Enforcer allows network administrators to create and enforce a password policy. A password policy ensures that users are choosing strong (difficult to crack) passwords. PPE checks every new password for compliance with the policy. Passwords that do not comply with the policy are rejected. PPE also displays password policy messages that help users to choose compliant passwords without having to call the helpdesk for assistance.

Added 2002-07-26
by jlh@mc.net
A large collection of handy command line tools for NT account, log and security maintenance.

PassGuard Framework
Added 2002-06-12
by RUAUDEL Frédéric
PassGuard Framework is a library for the PassGuard suite of programs that is used to manage numerous passwords in an encrypted file. Encryption is managed with a plugin system, which allows easy support for any kind of encrypted file.

Added 2002-06-12
by RUAUDEL Frédéric
TPassguard is designed for working with Unix systems or the Web, where you need to remember a number of passwords. This program manages passwords in an encrypted file, so that you only have to remember one. It uses the PassGuard Framework and can be interfaced with any kind of encryption via a plugin system.

Advanced WordPerfect Office Password Recovery
Added 2002-06-06
by ElcomSoft Co. Ltd.
Advanced WordPerfect Office Password Recovery (or simply AWOPR) is a program to recover lost or forgotten passwords to Corel WordPerfect Office documents: WordPerfect (*.wp, *.wpd), QuattroPro (*.qpw, *.wb?, *.wq1), Paradox (*.db). All versions of WordPerfect Office and its components (up to 2002) and protection modes are supported; the passwords are being recovered instantly or in a matter of minutes. Multilingual passwords are supported.

Added 2002-04-30
by celer
Keyring is an application for the Qtopia palmtop environment, specifically designed for the Sharp SL 5500. It allows users to store passwords and account information in a resonably secure fashion. Blowfish encryption is used to encrypt data in flash.

Added 2002-04-29
by dac
ssmart is a little Perl script to store a secure shell identity/cfs passwords blowfish encrypted to a smartcard. There will be no local copy of your identity on your hard drive, or even worse on an NFS share. It also allows you to quick mount all stored cfs directories, and it has a GNOME GUI (useful if you want it to use it with your .xinitrc). It uses the smartcard program to interact with the chipdrive.

OpenSSH SRP patch
Added 2002-04-03
by Dr. Tom
This patch adds Secure Remote Password (SRP) support to OpenSSH (portable version). The Stanford SRP distribution is not required, although this is compatible with that (it will use your existing SRP configuration files, if they exist).

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