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Category: Cryptography » Data Encryption

Added 2003-05-21
by C2SG
This is desktop encryption software to stop prying eyes. Windows users can now secure documents in such a way that sensitive files on hard drives and e-mail attachments are totally unreadable to unauthorized users. Users can drag and drop sensitive files into the Wincrypt window, select a password, and then e-mail the file to the intended recipient. The only people able to read the document are the holders of the password. The file or folder is protected by 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES). Advanced features include anti-logging keyboard, quik-klik encryption and self decrypting files.

Added 2003-05-13
by Thomas Obermair
EtherBeamer is a generic remote bridging solution running on Linux. It is capable of connecting different Ethernets on different locations on the Internet through AES-encrypted UDP tunnels. IP addresses on the tunnel endpoints may change, making EtherBeamer an ideal solution for connecting NATed SOHO networks on DSL lines to a corporate network.

Crypt Blowfish
Added 2003-04-21
by OpenWall Project
Crypt Blowfish is an implementation of a modern password hashing algorithm, based on the Blowfish block cipher, provided via the crypt(3) and a reentrant interface. It is compatible with bcrypt.

Added 2003-04-03
by Florent DEFONTIS
RainPortal was designed to secure your private messages while talking on IRC networks. As long as you have RainPortal running and the person you are talking to also, all your private messages will be strongly encrypted while passing on the server.

Added 2003-03-17
by Hisham Mardam Bey
yavipin-conf is a multiple client/server configuration utility for yavipin. It provides a parser, example configuration files, and a startup script which allows the user to start/stop/restart a VPN at any point. In syntax, the configuration is similar to that of vtun.

Added 2003-03-11
by Niels Möller
Ish is a GNU GPL-licensed implementation of the SSH (version 2) protocol. It includes a server, a client, and some utility programs.

PassGuard Figaro's Password Manager plugin
Added 2003-03-10
by RUAUDEL Frédéric
The PassGuard suite is a set of software that manages passwords encrypted in a file. Users just have to remember one password, and different encrypted file formats are supported via plugins. The PassGuard FPM plugin is a plugin that manages Figaro's Password Manager files encrypted with the Blowfish algorithm.

Added 2003-03-06
by David Green
pkeytool takes over where the JDK's keytool leaves off by allowing users to work with private keys.

Added 2003-03-04
by RUAUDEL Frédéric
GPassguard is a GTK+ frontend to the *PassGuard suite, which manages passwords in an encrypted file so that you only have to remember one. It uses the PassGuard Framework and can be interfaced with any kind of encryption via a plugin system. It allows you to copy passwords to the clipboard.

Added 2003-02-27
by habeldi
DEA is a data encryption algorithm bitwise compatible with ANSI standard X3.92-1981, also known as DES. This software implements a command line utility and a library. It is fast and memory efficient but not very secure anymore because the key length is limited to 56 bits.

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