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Throughput Monitor
Added 2002-09-11
by Ragnar Kurm
Throughput Monitor monitors or analyzes event frequency in log files. Its main purpose is to detect if frequency crosses specified theresholds and report about it. Alerts can be mailed or logged in realtime on running logs. Old logs can also be analyzed. Log events are described by regexes, so almost every format is readable. It can be used to detect spam, too-frequent system resource usage (for example POP or IMAP), etc.

Added 2002-08-26
by Steve Grubb
socket_wrappers is an improved version of tcp_wrappers. The improvements include changing from K&R to ANSI C, removing unneeded compatibility libraries, separation of the public and private API, prepending tcpd_ to all private functions and data to prevent name collisions, updates to signal handlers so that the application's handlers aren't tampered with, dropping supplemental groups, and some build and man page improvements. Applications compiled with this library should be smaller, too.

Added 2002-07-26
by jlh@mc.net
A large collection of handy command line tools for NT account, log and security maintenance.

conntrack viewer
Added 2002-07-03
by patou
Conntrack Viewer is a Perl script to view masqueraded connections using 2.4 Linux kernels. In 2.2, it was extremely easy to view this information using 'netstat -M' or 'netstat -- masquerade', but this is no longer supported. This program interprets information in /proc/net/ip_conntrack and presents it in a legible format.

Added 2002-07-03
by digitalnerds
DNeye is a Linux kernel module that attempts to improve the security of your box by recovering and cleaning the system after being compromised with a root kit LKM. It prevents most of the known exploits and adds privacy procfs tricks in order to prevent users from seeing each other or other processes. It is cleans and recovers from known and unknown root kits, including SucKIT.

Added 2002-05-14
by Leandro
WatchMan is a process killer daemon. It kills process which may become a problem due to several reasons, like taking too much time in user or kernel mode, using too much CPU or memory, etc. It is configurable via a .conf file.

Added 2002-04-25
by Matthew Mondor
mmftpd is a secure FTP server that runs as a normal user, and supports virtual users only. Each user may have specific permissions, and the daemon uses libpth for portable threads instead of fork(). It runs on both BSD and Linux systems, and is ideal for a setup with many Web virtual host customers. It was written from scratch, with no borrowed code.

Added 2002-03-27
by SmartLine, Inc., devicelock@protect-me.com
DeviceLock gives network administrators control over which users can access what devices (ports, floppies, Magneto-Optical disks, etc.) on a local computer. Once DeviceLock is installed, administrators can assign permissions to LPT ports, CD-ROMs, COM ports or any other device, just as they would to share-permissions on a hard disk. Network administrators can use DeviceLock to flush a storage device's buffers (very useful for removable media) and to get extended information about devices and NTFS partitions. Remote control is also available.

Added 2002-03-27
by Mark Russinovich, mark@sysinternals.com
DebugView is an application that lets you monitor debug output on your local system, or any computer on the network that you can reach via TCP/IP. It is capable of displaying both kernel-mode and Win32 debug output, so you don't need a debugger to catch the debug output your applications or device drivers generate, nor do you need to modify your applications or drivers to use non-standard debug output APIs. DebugView works on Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows NT 4, Windows 2000 and Whistler Beta 1, Beta 2, and RC 1.

Added 2002-03-27
by Extirpater
Distributed DNS Flooder v0.1b Powerful attack against DNS servers.

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