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Category: Network Monitoring

Access Point Utilities for Unix
Added 2004-03-08
by roma
Access Point Utilities for Unix is a set of utilities that configure and monitor a Wireless Access Point under Unix. It is known to compile (with GCC and the IBM C compiler) and run under Linux, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, MacOS X, AIX, and QNX.

Added 2004-03-08
by Filipe Almeida
ipt_p2p is a P2P match module for iptables. It supports the detection of the following protocols: Kazaa, eDonkey, Direct Connect, Gnutella, and BitTorrent.

Y Agent
Added 2004-03-08
by Gandalf
Y Agent is a monitoring data collection agent. It is a small daemon which runs on the monitored host and can return various operational data from the host on which it is running. You can connect to the agent through the HTTP protocol using a Web browser or with command line tools. The data can be received in HTML or (pipe separated) text. mode. It is configurable and extendable with external applications and scripts.

Added 2004-03-08
by Bart Friederichs
Oculus (The Eye) is a server monitor that uses a plain-text protocol to report about the server it runs on. It features an XML style config file, a plain-text command-based query protocol, and plugin support.

Added 2004-03-03
by Benn Oshrin
SURVIVOR is yet another systems monitor. It consists of a POSIX-thread based scheduler written in C++ running arbitrary checks in a flexible, heterogeneous, bureaucratic, and convoluted environment. It maintains proper state, history, sanity, and attitude, and allows interaction via Web, command, and two-way messaging interfaces.

Added 2004-03-02
by Peter
The Adamantix project (formerly known as Trusted Debian) aims to create a highly secure but usable Linux platform. It brings together security solutions including kernel patches, compiler patches, security related programs, and techniques.

Added 2004-03-01
by chhibber
Opt-X is a network monitoring tool. Its features include port monitoring, content monitoring, creating server groups, dynamic creation of a port list, tracking tasks, servers, vendors, and being able to log changes that occur to a server.

Big Sister
Added 2004-03-01
by Thomas Aeby
Big Sister is an SNMP-aware monitoring program consisting of a Web-based server and a monitoring agent. It runs under various Unixes and Windows.

IRC Defender
Added 2004-02-24
by Brain
IRC Defender is a Perl program for protecting your IRC network against virus drones, general troublemakers, ban evasion, and attacks. It is fully modular, able to unload and load modules on the fly, and comes with several modules to ban anatoly/fyle virus drones, block unauthorised cgi:irc sites, conduct ctcp version surveys, maintain ctcp version blacklists, and (most importantly) set regexp-based akills.

Added 2004-02-24
by Bill Wilson
GKrellM is a GTK-based stacked monitor program that charts SMP CPUs, disks, load, active net interfaces, and internet connections. There are also builtin monitors for memory and swap, file systems with mount/umount feature, mailbox checking including POP3 and IMAP, clock/calendar, laptop battery, sensors (temperatures, voltages, and fans), and uptime. It has LEDs for the net monitors and an on/off button and online timer for PPP. There is a GUI popup for configuration, plugin extensions can be installed, and many themes are available. It also features a client/server monitoring capability.

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