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Category: Policy Enforcement

Added 2003-11-10
by Len Sassaman
Mixmaster is an anonymous remailer. Remailers provide protection against traffic analysis and allow sending email mail anonymously or pseudonymously. Mixmaster consists of both client and server installations.

Added 2003-11-06
by Jerome Delamarche
Apache module that intercepts the requests and rejects those which are not compliant with the constraints expected by the scripts. Use a XML Configuration file that describe the type and allowed values for the parameters. Released with automated tools that help the Administrator building the XML Configuration file.

BitDefender for Sendmail libmilter
Added 2003-10-30
by Mircea MITU
BitDefender for Sendmail libmilter is a powerful antivirus solution for Linux mail servers. It provides proactive protection for message traffic at the email server level, eliminating the risk to the entire network that could be caused by a negligent user. Both sent and received messages are scanned in real time, avoiding the possible infections and preventing anyone from sending an infected message. It claims a 100% detection rate for all viruses in the wild through its powerful scanning engines, which are certified by the most prestigious testing labs.

AntiSpam Mail Filter
Added 2003-10-24
by Timo Roehling
AntiSpam Mail Filter is yet another Bayesian filter, designed for use with Exim.

Anti-Spam SMTP Proxy
Added 2003-10-23
by John Hanna
The Anti-Spam SMTP Proxy (ASSP) Server project aims to create an open source platform independent SMTP Proxy server which implements whitelists and Bayesian filtering to help stop unsolicited commercial email (UCE). Anti-spam tools should be adaptive to new spam and customized for each site's email patterns. This easy to use tool works with any mail transport and achieves these goals requiring no operator intervention after the initial setup phase.

Pine Privacy Guard
Added 2003-10-22
by Matt Pulver
Pine Privacy Guard is a small Perl script used to interface Pine and GnuPG for the secure exchange of email. It allows Pine users to conveniently encrypt, decrypt, clear-sign, and verify clear-signed email. Other features include the secure storage of secret key passphrases during a session, alias support, simple installation, and compact, well-documented code.

Qmail Auditor
Added 2003-10-14
by Nelio Souza Santos Filho
QMail Auditor provides simple a method for auditing emails. It is easy to configure and uses regular expressions as rules.

Added 2003-10-06
by Michael Velten
pop3spam is a POP3 client which connects to a POP3 server and deletes unsolicited mail. It's possible to check for messages that exceed a certain limit and to scan header lines for special patterns (regular expressions). If a message has been identified as unsolicited, it can be deleted directly from the POP3 server without the need to download it first. Eventually your normal mail-retrieval utility (e.g. fetchmail) can gather all (cleaned) mail as usual.

Added 2003-08-19
by Sam Varshavchik
Maildrop is a powerful email filter/delivery agent. It supports mbox-style mailboxes and maildirs (a mail storage format used by Qmail). Its mail filtering language supports RFC822 parsing and GDBM/Berkeley DB database files. The maildrop package also includes a command-line tool to perform various operations on MIME messages.

Added 2003-08-19
by Keith Winston aka slippery
SPASTIC is an easy-to-use, powerful set of email filters to deal with Unsolicited Commercial E-mail (UCE), a.k.a. spam, using procmail. Some of its features are filtering based on header and/or body contents, predefined sets of filters to get started quickly, a whitelist to bypass filters, options on where to send spam, and an optional script to rotate the spam file periodically.

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