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Category: Network Utilities » Miscellaneous

Added 2002-10-07
K9 is a Windows tool for passive OS detection. It uses WinPCAP to capture network traffic and a user friendly interface to handle results, fingerprint database, etc

Added 2002-08-27
by scudette
Reapoff (Regular Expression, Arbitrary Protocol, Opensource Filtering Firewall) is a regular expression enabled TCP/IP proxy. It operates on data using a pair of simple rule- based configuration files defining the tests and actions to perform on data. It can also sign SSL connections transparently (with MITM), applying a security policy to encrypted SSL sessions that would otherwise be allowed unchecked. The proxy forms the core part of an overall firewall solution designed to run from a RAM disk using Trinux.

Added 2002-08-14
by Moshe Jacobson
HTun is a VPN (Virtual Private Network) interface that allows you to create a fully bidirectional IP-layer VPN over an HTTP proxy or just over port 80, allowing you to bypass restrictive firewalls and use any IP-based service you desire.

Added 2002-08-13
by Stanislaw Y. Pusep
Geolizer is a patch for Webalizer to generate faster and more reliable geographic statistics than using the default DNS suffix method. It uses the GeoIP library. If you disable DNS reverse lookups on your HTTP server, it will work faster and your stats will be more accurate when processed by a patched Webalizer.

Secure Cryptographic Instant Messaging
Added 2002-08-07
by The Project SCIM team
The Project SCIM application allows you to send Encrypted Instant Messages to your friends and other contacts. The software is free for non-commercial users and contains a load of cool features.

Added 2002-07-23
by Peter Palfrader (Weasel)
Echolot-pinger is a pinger for anonymous remailers, which works by regularly sending messages through remailers to check their reliability. It then calculates reliability statistics which are used by remailer clients to choose the chain of remailers to use. Additionally, it collects configuration parameters and the keys of all remailers, and offers them in a format readable by remailer clients.

Added 2002-07-03
by Anders K. Madsen
PALA (PHP Agent Log Analyzer) is a small and simple useragent-logger and analyzer. It can generate statistics over both OSes and browsers. It doesn't support standard Apache useragent logs, but it has its own logger included.

Added 2002-07-03
by digitalnerds
DNeye is a Linux kernel module that attempts to improve the security of your box by recovering and cleaning the system after being compromised with a root kit LKM. It prevents most of the known exploits and adds privacy procfs tricks in order to prevent users from seeing each other or other processes. It is cleans and recovers from known and unknown root kits, including SucKIT.

Added 2002-07-03
by Martin Preishuber
Log4Py is a logging module for Python programmers that is similar to log4j. It supports various debug levels, configurable output, and debugging information such as line-numbers or tracebacks.

Added 2002-07-02
by Arne Vidstrom
WPSweep is a simple ping sweeper, that is, it pings a range of IP addresses and lists the ones that reply. More information can be found in the WPSweep FAQ.

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