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FOCUS on Linux: Securing Linux Part One

By: Dale Coddington 2000-03-30

FOCUS on Linux: IPSec Fundamentals and Installation
By: Rafael Coninck Teigao 2000-02-04

FOCUS on Linux: Installing Linux
By: Peter Merrick 2000-03-31

Focus On Linux: Intrusion Detection on Linux
By: David Del Elson 2000-05-22

Building a Linux Bunker: Basic Firewalling
By: Rafael Coninck Teigao 2000-05-08

Bastille Linux: A Walkthrough
By: Jay Beale 2000-06-06

Linux Internet Kiosks
By: Anton Chuvakin 2000-12-13

Protecting Systems with Libsafe
This article will seek to explain how Libsafe works, and briefly compare it to some other popular methods currently in use. This article will try to assume no more knowledge than is necessary for the usage of Libsafe (which is fairly minimal), but a basic understanding of C will make the examples easier to understand.
By: Zeshan Ghory 2001-08-20

A Comparison of iptables Automation Tools
By: Anton Chuvakin 2001-04-23

Linux IPsec Gateways Using FreeS/Wan
By: Peter Mueller 2001-08-08

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