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Platform: Windows 95/98

Kmd5 a md5 brute force tool
Added 2005-08-29
by Kes
A pretty fast md5 hash cracker that supports list of md5 hash. Features wordlist attack, combo wordlist attack, incremental attack, stdin mode to use with john the ripper as word generator, partial hash checking to crack partial hashes.

showtraf for Windows
Added 2005-08-17
Demosten's showtraf, compiled with PSSDK for running from any (removable) disk without WinPCap.

ngrep for Windows
Added 2005-08-17
Just ngrep by Jordan Ritter, compiled with PSSDK. Works from any removable disk without preinstaleed packet capture drivers.

ethereal for Windows
Added 2005-08-17
Just ethereal. Works from any removable disk without preinstaleed packet capture drivers.

Collapse Web Application Scanner
Added 2005-08-12
by Syhunt Security Team
Collapse, a free tool from Syhunt, allows web administrators to perform aggressive and comprehensive scans of an organization's web server to isolate vulnerabilities and identify security holes. The Collapse scanner requires basic inputs such as host names and port numbers to scan a complete web site and test all the web applications for security vulnerabilities.

Themis Security Scanner
Added 2005-08-09
by baba
Themis is an advanced Network Scanner that capable scanning hosts for different vulnerabilities and produce a detailed report regarding the security problems the host might have.

Added 2005-08-06
The Webtracer is a professional forensic tool to trace internet identities such as a website owners, the sender of an e-mail etc. Each internet resource (IP address, server name, e-mail address, URL etc.) can be investigated to retrieve underlying relations and owner details. The Webtracer also allows in depth analysis of e-mail headers and can be used to analyse logfiles after a possible intrusion.

EverCrack - Open Source Cryptanalysis Engine
Added 2005-08-04
by Cory Michael Boston
EverCrack is a cryptanalysis engine. The overall design goal is to systematically break down complex ciphers into their simplex components for cryptanalysis (by the kernel). The kernel consists of an algebraic design (comparison and reduction) for breaking uniliteral, monoalphabetic ciphers instantaneously. Currently, it can break a 500-word cipher in less than 500 miliseconds. EverCrack currently has multi-language support for the user interface and cracking encryption in other language dictionaries (English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Swedish, Dutch, and Portuguese).

Proactive System Password Recovery
Added 2005-07-30
by ElcomSoft Co.Ltd.
Proactive System Password Recovery is a program to recover all types of Windows passwords: logon password (when user is logged on and has Admin privileges), screensaver password, .NET Passport password, RAS and dial-up passwords, passwords to shared resources, SYSKEY startup password, passwords stored in cached credentials, Wireless (WEP and WPA-PSK) encryption keys etc. The program also shows all users and groups (with their properties), allows to run any programs in other user's context, show password history hashes, read password hashes from SAM and SYSTEM files, read Protected Storage records, decrypt Windows scripts, reveal passwords hidden under the asterisks, enable disabled controls, and run brute-force and dictionary attacks on PWL files (Windows 9x). Finally, it shows product IDs and CD keys for Windows, Microsoft Office and other Microsoft software installed.

tcpdump for Windows
Added 2005-05-10
by microOLAP Technologies
MicroOLAP TCPDUMP for Windows accurately reproduces all features of the original tcpdump by LBNL's Network Research Group , developed for the UNIX systems. Since MicroOLAP TCPDUMP for Windows is compiled with the Packet Sniffer SDK, it has the following advantages: - does not require any third-party preinstalled drivers; - works from the single 300K .EXE file; - supports 1Gbit networks.

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