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Platform: Windows NT

Added 2006-05-02
by Peter Robinson
The Centron IPTables Firewall Gui is an object oriented, database driven, windows interface to linux IPtables firewall rules. Now with Snat, Dnat and Masq Functionality. Many other bug fixes.

Gentle MAC Pro
Added 2006-04-29
by Solar System Technologies
Gentle MAC allows operating your network devices automatically as well as manually and changing MAC and IP address as well. Gentle MAC is user-friendly, secure and reliable utility among similar products. Change your IP and MAC address simultaneously! After installation Gentle MAC it is ready to use and no additional settings are required. If you are IT security expert or network administrator and you require verification of authentication system of your Internet provider, if you are online gamer and you need to operate your network devices gingerly; or you have other reasons to change IP and MAC address, choose Gentle MAC as it is one of the best facility now in use. Developers of Gentle MAC keep developing the product and are at comprehensive technical support of the users.

Added 2006-04-28
by Infinitrust Private Limited
This is a public key based authentication model that works by verifying whether the user is in posession of his private key. The user should have Keygloo installed in his system for authenticating himself into any Keygloo enabled web application. During login time, the user will be thrown a challenge password encrypted using his public key. The user can decrypt the password by clicking a 'Decrypt' button which appears in his toolbar after installing Keygloo. The decrypted password is submitted to the Keygloo enabled application by clicking a 'submit' button on the page. The Keygloo enabled applcation then authenticates the user into the system by comparing the decrypted password with the original challenge password. A demonstration of how the model works can be found at http://www.keygloo.com/Authentication/auth_kgnum.html. Keygloo is free to download and install from http://www.keygloo.com/Downloads.htm.

DarkSpy Anti-Rootkit
Added 2006-04-20
by CardMagic & wowocock
DarkSpy Anti-Rootkit V1.0.2 Test Version(Freeware) DarkSpy Introduction: DarkSpy is a new rootkit detection tool from China. It's coded by two guys : CardMagic & wowocock,and support some new features that can make the detection more effective. DarkSpy is consisted of five parts: 1.Process: Detect hidden process(even hide with FUTo...) Force kill process(even Icesword) 2.Kernel Module: Detect hidden kernel module(even hide with FUTo...) 3.File: Detect hidden files Force copy file Force delete file 4.Registry function is not provided in test version. 5.Port: Detect hidden ports (Notice: DarkSpy don't allow any kernel debugger to run!) Environment supported by test version: 32bit Windows 2000(SP4 and later) 32bit Windows XP 32bit WIndows 2003 Single CPU without hyperthread Try it at your own risk....:) If you find any bugs,please contact me via my email: sunmy1@sina.com Thanks!

Bopup Scanner
Added 2006-04-17
by B Labs
Freeware scanner for local networks. It displays active computers with user login names (NetBIOS names), MAC and IP addresses, resolves HTTP (WEB) servers on remote computers (80, 8080 ports are default). Administrators and advanced users are able to specify IP range to scan and timeout to resolve a remote computer.

Bopup Messenger
Added 2006-04-17
by B Labs
Corporate instant messaging client for use in a business LAN with a set of enhanced features including standard software compatibility such as WinPopup and Messenger Service (net send), group messaging, automatic answering machine, message history, file transfer. Real-time communications can be organized with Peer-to-Peer or Client/Server instant messaging architecture. Using a central server users get powerful facilities for organization of effective communication system with news notification, centralized user grouping, offline message storing and automatic delivery, creation and management of public user information, receiving account list with user presence status.

Bopup Observer
Added 2006-04-17
by B Labs
One-way LAN instant messenger compatible with standard WinPopup and Messenger Service (Net Send command) software. A many features and functions include group messaging, log of message conversation, receiving files, advanced messages support with graphic images (smileys), network and URL addresses. Real-time communications can be organized with both Peer-to-Peer or Client/Server architecture. Using a central server user gets powerful facilities for organization of effective instant messaging system with news notification, centralized user grouping, offline message delivery, creation and management of public user information.

Bopup Communication Server
Added 2006-04-17
by B Labs
Software system for organization of effective instant messaging and real-time communication infrastructure over corporate networks, business intranets and home LANs. It includes advanced features of scheduled news messaging and user group notification with message priority and sending frequency, saving and automatic message delivery to recipient (offline messaging), centralized user account management with Active Directory (LDAP) support, user presence status support. All message dialogs do not leave a local network that makes instant messaging more secure and confidential.

Google Talk Password Recovery
Added 2006-04-05
by Reactive Software
Google Talk Password Recovery is a utility for finding and decrypting Google Talk passwords that are stored on your computer with a click of a button! This password decoder works when "Remember Password" checkbox is ticked in Google Talk instant messenger. Passwords from multiple profiles can be recovered, all versions of Google Talk are supported. Jabber protocol is recognized. Proxy server passwords are also recovered.

LDAP Administrator
Added 2006-04-05
by Softerra
LDAP Administrator™ is a premier Explorer-like LDAP client designed for Win32 platforms. LDAP Administrator™ has a convenient intuitive interface, a unique entry creation wizard, full support of all of the most popular LDAPv3 servers and many other powerful features. While developing LDAP Administrator™ the focus has been made on ensuring the application works fast with large amounts of data, which is crucial when trying to come out with a viable e-business solution. LDAP Administrator™ is intended for creation and maintenance of complex systems comprised of various LDAP-based components, and support of almost all LDAP servers available in the market, including the OpenLDAP Foundation's OpenLDAP Project, Sun Microsystems Inc.'s Netscape/iPlanet, Microsoft Corp.'s Active Directory, and Novell Inc.'s Novell Directory Services.

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