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Bifrost Firewall iptables GUI
Added 2003-07-15
by Martin Forest
Bifrost is a firewall management interface to iptables (iptables GUI). The system is inspired by Checkpoint, Cisco PIX, and Watchguard firewall management. With Bifrost you are able to work with incoming and outgoing traffic flows rather than focusing on interfaces. The system supports both IPSEC and High Availability. It is even possible to manage HA from the GUI. Bifrost has an advanced anti-spoofing function. There is also a very easy-to-use log watch function where you can apply filtering. Logging is controlled per rule. You can turn on/off logging for a rule on the fly, and there is built-in protection against log flooding. All firewall changes are made without interrupt already established connections. There is also support for traffic marking (mangle), very useful when you are working with QOS (bandwidth management) and advance routing such as policy-based routing. If you for some reason need something extra, it is possible to add your own commands.

Added 2003-06-19
by Martin Maurer
Fireflier is a firewall tool which is built on top of the iptables framework. It allows you to create rules based on single incoming network packets or to simply allow/deny single packets to pass. It features a client-server approach for administering from another PC, SSL connection between client and server, rules with timeouts (rules are deleted after some time or when fireflier-server shuts down), and filtering based on applications.

Added 2003-06-04
by Trappist
IPKungFu is an iptables-based Linux firewall. The primary design goals are security, ease of use, and performance, in that order. It takes advantage of advanced features of iptables, tcpwrappers, and the Linux kernel.

Added 2003-06-03
by Alex
Wsh, "Web shell" is a remote UNIX/WIN shell, that works via HTTP/HTTPS. The package contains two perl scripts for server and client hosts: the first one is for console usage and the second one runs as CGI script on the target host.

Added 2003-06-03
by Alex
Firepass is a tunneling tool, allowing to bypass firewall restrictions and encapsulate data flows inside legal ones to use HTTP POST requests. TCP or UDP based protocols may be tunneled with Firepass. For now, both - client and server parts are written in Perl. C versions will be published soon. The Firepass key feature is that you may use several type of installation of the server part script in the external network. You do not need to bind any port on the external box. Everything looks clear from local and external boxes administrators point of view. There is only an usual HTTP dialog between client and server. The only problem is that HTTP messages are sends too often.. But this is configurable in the Firepass client with a special delay option between HTTP requests. It may be applied to some non time critical protocols. Firepass may also be usable for the reverse task, when the server script is located at the corporative web server and when client interact with it from the external network.

Added 2003-05-26
by Poulet Fabrice
ZorbIPtraffic shows the IP traffic on a network interface in real time. It can display traffic statistics for each IP on your internal network, and it summarizes the total traffic for each IP per year, per month, and per day. All information is stored in a MySQL database, which makes it easy to search the traffic measurements for a specific day. ZorbIPtraffic only works if you use iptables.

fBuilder Plus
Added 2003-05-20
by InnerTek Software
fBuilder Plus is a Web-based utility for building and configuring your ipchains/iptables-based Linux firewall. There are two versions of fBuilder: fBuilder Lite, a free version that includes a standard set of features, and fBuilder Plus, which includes edit, insert, and delete capabilities for firewall rules, automatic back traffic rule creation, and log reporting and export capabilities.

Added 2003-03-03
by Br0th3r Ivery
TBFirewall is a front-end created to control firewall rules. Its config files are constructed in the form of tables. TBFirewall is designed to connect one or more local networks to another, forming an internetwork, but it can also run without problem in other network models.

Added 2003-02-26
by Scott Vahey
FilterWall is a multi-function solution for security, content filtering, monitoring, and network administration for computer networks. It is extremely customizable to fit network needs, yet easy to install and maintain.

PassGuard gpasman plugin
Added 2003-02-24
by RUAUDEL Frédéric
The PassGuard suite is a set of software that manages your passwords encrypted in a file. You just have to remember one, and different encrypted file formats are supported via plugins. The PassGuard gpasman plugin is the plugin that manages gpasman files encrypted with the RC2 algorithm.

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