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Network Monitoring for Intrusion Detection
In the world of intrusion detection, we tend to focus on detecting attacks and clearly anomalous activity. However, another important component of a complete intrusion detection solution is basic network monitoring and traffic analysis. Network monitoring collects information on connections, while traffic analysis allows us to see what services are being used on a network and to compare that against the activity that we should be seeing. This allows us to identify unauthorized services being ...
By: Karen Kent Frederick 2001-08-28

Intrusion Detection Preliminaries: Sanitizing Your E-Commerce Web Servers
By: Marc Myers 2000-03-31

Hacker Tools and their Signatures, Part Two: Juno and Unisploit

By: Toby Miller 2001-06-18

Deploying ISS RealSecure in a Large Scale Environment, Part Two: Manageability and Reporting
By: Richard Reybok 2000-04-26

Deploying ISS Realsecure in a Large Scale Environment, Part One: Implementation Architecture
By: Richard Reybok 2000-04-17

Intrusion Detection Systems Terminology, Part Two: H - Z

By: A. Cliff 2001-07-19

Intrusion Detection Systems Terminology, Part One: A - H

By: A. Cliff 2001-07-03

Network Intrusion Detection for the E-Commerce Environment
By: Eddie Powell 2000-07-10

Intrusion Detection using Solaris' Basic Security Module
By: David Endler 2000-07-14

Identifying ICMP Hackery Tools Used In The Wild Today
By: Ofir Arkin 2000-12-04

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