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Category: Authentication

Added 2003-03-21
by Carapace Solutions, Inc.
Simple Password Age Check for NT; command-line app that compares an NT/2000 user's password age to the maximum age defined by the password policy, outputting the amount of time left before the password expires.

PassGuard Figaro's Password Manager plugin
Added 2003-03-10
by RUAUDEL Frédéric
The PassGuard suite is a set of software that manages passwords encrypted in a file. Users just have to remember one password, and different encrypted file formats are supported via plugins. The PassGuard FPM plugin is a plugin that manages Figaro's Password Manager files encrypted with the Blowfish algorithm.

Added 2003-02-28
by Andreas Gohr
pam_require is a simple Plugable Authentication Module (PAM) for Linux (and maybe other systems which use PAM). It is an account module that allows you to require a special group or user to access a service.

PassGuard gpasman plugin
Added 2003-02-24
by RUAUDEL Frédéric
The PassGuard suite is a set of software that manages your passwords encrypted in a file. You just have to remember one, and different encrypted file formats are supported via plugins. The PassGuard gpasman plugin is the plugin that manages gpasman files encrypted with the RC2 algorithm.

Added 2003-02-10
by Matt Miller
elfsign provides tools and an interface for signing and verifying ELF binary images with certificates. The functionality is similar to Microsoft's Authenticode technology in that binaries can be tagged with an owner as well as proof that they have not been modified or tampered with.

Added 2002-11-19
by anthonyu
mod_authenticache provides a simple and generic method for caching authentication information on the client side in order to enhance performance. It has been tested with several Basic HTTP authentication modules, and has an Apache 2.0.x optional function exporter for caching credentials from any custom authentication module.

Added 2002-11-12
by Tobias Bayer
KPassCard is a KDE application for storing passwords on a chipcard encrypted with a master password.

NTLM authentication library
Added 2002-10-02
by Grant Edwards
The NTLM library contains utilities for authenticating against Microsoft servers that require NTLM authentication. The goal of this project is to make libntlm easier to build (by using autoconf, automake, and libtool) for use by other projects.

Added 2002-09-09
by Thomas Strandenaes
SMSAuthenticator is an authentication module for situations where "username and password"-login provide insufficient security. The additional security is achieved by sending keys (single-use passwords) by SMS to the user's mobile phone. It solves some of the main problems with ordinary passwords (e.g., password guessing and password sniffing) without requiring special hardware on the user's side. It is a Java-based (J2SE 1.2 or higher) Web service using SOAP for communication. It also requires a database with JDBC support (tested with PostgreSQL).

Added 2002-08-30
by Dan Melomedman
checkpassword-ldap searches a specified LDAP directory with a constructed LDAP filter from a given prefix, username, and suffix, and fetches an entry. It then compares a given password with the stored password, and proceeds to run a program as specified if passwords match.

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