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Category: Auditing » Log Analysis

Added 2003-06-06
by Brandon Zehm
LogDog monitors messages passing through syslogd and takes actions based on key words and phrases (which can be regular expressions). It has a configuration file which allows you to specify a list of key words or phrases to alert on and a list of commands that can be run when those words are encountered.

Added 2003-06-03
by Marco Schmidt
dcplusplusstats is a Java 1.2 command line tool that parses log files written by the DC++ file sharing application and creates HTML statistics pages. The information that is assembled includes the amount of data transferred, most active users, most popular files, communities, file types and formats, times of day, and days of the week.

Added 2003-06-02
by Cord Beermann
Calamaris parses Squid and NetCache Native Logfiles and generates reports about Peak-usage, Request-Methods, Status- report of incoming and outgoing requests, second and Top-level destinations, content-types and performance.

Added 2003-05-26
by Martin Balvers
sa-exim-stats generates some spam/mail statistics from an sa-exim logfile. sa-exim is a patch for Exim which integrates SpamAssassin into Exim. Some of the statistics it displays are the "top n" spam/clean/overall recipients and the average spam/clean score.

Added 2003-05-26
by Poulet Fabrice
ZorbIPtraffic shows the IP traffic on a network interface in real time. It can display traffic statistics for each IP on your internal network, and it summarizes the total traffic for each IP per year, per month, and per day. All information is stored in a MySQL database, which makes it easy to search the traffic measurements for a specific day. ZorbIPtraffic only works if you use iptables.

Added 2003-05-20
by djm
Fastresolve is a package of programs to process web log files, to get DNS and domain ownership information for log analysis. It sends out many queries in parallel, and caches results for speed. Its DNS resolver is 3-50 times as fast as other log file resolvers.

Added 2003-05-20
by Brian Christensen
xferlogDB is a tool for analyzing xferlogs from glFTPd.

phpBandwidth Monitor
Added 2003-05-14
by Eric Binger
phpBandwidth monitors a particular network interface (eth0, eth1, ppp0, etc.) and provides a realtime graph showing bandwidth consumption on a server.

Added 2003-05-14
by Tim Geiges
MyNetWeather is a tool to plot ping and packet loss. It will also graph signal to noise, and downstream and upstream levels of cable modems (For MSOs). It uses GNUPlot for JPEG graphs.

Jeb Perl Ping Stats
Added 2003-05-01
by Jean-Edouard BABIN
JPPS (Jeb Perl Ping Stats) is a Perl script which extracts statistics from the output generated by the 'ping' command.

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