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Category: Cryptography » Data Encryption

Added 2002-09-09
by Dave Dribin
Palm::Zetetic::Strip is a set of Perl 5 modules that provides an interface to the Palm database (PDB) files for Strip, a password and account manager from zetetic.net for the Palm computing platform. It uses the IDEA and AES algorithms to decrypt the data from PDB files.

Added 2002-09-09
by Dave Dribin
strip-dump is a command line interface to print Strip account information written in Perl. Strip is a password and account manager for the Palm computing platform from zetetic.net.

Added 2002-08-28
by wali
GnuPG Made Easy (GPGME) is a library designed to make access to GnuPG easier for applications. It provides a high-level cryptography API for encryption, decryption, signing, signature verification, and key management. It currently uses GnuPG as its backend, but the API is not restricted to this engine. In fact, support for other backends is planned.

Added 2002-08-26
by Ramsey G. Brenner
A OTP suite. Provides 5 programs which create keys, create fake keys, encrypt and decrypt files. An uninstaller is also included.

Secure Cryptographic Instant Messaging
Added 2002-08-07
by The Project SCIM team
The Project SCIM application allows you to send Encrypted Instant Messages to your friends and other contacts. The software is free for non-commercial users and contains a load of cool features.

Added 2002-06-24
by Doug
rc5pipe is a security program for encrypting and decrypting text via UNIX pipes. It uses the 128-bit RC5 encryption algorithm and takes advantage of padding, and is especially useful if combined with netcat.

PassGuard Framework
Added 2002-06-12
by RUAUDEL Frédéric
PassGuard Framework is a library for the PassGuard suite of programs that is used to manage numerous passwords in an encrypted file. Encryption is managed with a plugin system, which allows easy support for any kind of encrypted file.

Added 2002-06-12
by RUAUDEL Frédéric
TPassguard is designed for working with Unix systems or the Web, where you need to remember a number of passwords. This program manages passwords in an encrypted file, so that you only have to remember one. It uses the PassGuard Framework and can be interfaced with any kind of encryption via a plugin system.

Added 2002-06-11
by Frank J. Tobin
GnuPG::Interface is a Perl module interface to interacting with GnuPG. It implements a rich set of filehandle communication with GnuPG and includes a key object organization structure with information gathered from GnuPG's with-colons option.

SCTK PAM module
Added 2002-06-06
by Alexandre Becoulet
The SCTK PAM module allows user authentication using PIC-based smart cards. It is based on the Smart Card ToolKit. The PAM module and the PIC code implement a simple challenge algorithm to securely authenticate users.

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