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Category: Policy Enforcement

Access Control Designer
Added 2003-05-30
by Robert Trebula R0B0
Access Control Designer is a universal modular tool for visually designing access control policies. The user of this system depicts requirements for the designed security policy in a graphical notation based on a generally accepted security model. The tool will then generate a configuration of security mechanisms, which will be used for the implementation of the security policy. Modularity of the tool will allow users to design security policies for a lot of various environments - systems needed to have access controlled. A pluggable module API allows third-party programmers to provide ACD modules for systems and so allow users to use ACD for designing access control policies for the systems.

Added 2003-05-26
by Martin Balvers
sa-exim-stats generates some spam/mail statistics from an sa-exim logfile. sa-exim is a patch for Exim which integrates SpamAssassin into Exim. Some of the statistics it displays are the "top n" spam/clean/overall recipients and the average spam/clean score.

Phayoune Firewall
Added 2003-05-21
by Satit Phermsawang
Phayoune Firewall is a Thai Linux distribution that is intended to be used as a stateful inspection firewall. It runs directly from CD- ROM and does not require a hard drive. It supports port forwarding, an online monitor, Squid blocking for worms, virii, and adult content, and a menu-based setup that stores configuration details on a floppy.

Async Blockreport
Added 2003-04-03
by Christian Reis
Async Blockreport processes sendmail logs and produces reports of the messages blocked using DNSBLs for each system user. Blockreport can be set up as a cron job to mail these reports to your users periodically, providing them with an idea of how much spam they would be getting if the spam filters didn't work, and also telling them if any false positives occurred.

Added 2003-03-28
by Davide Giunchi
qmail-masq is a Perl program that works with qmail. It masquerades the internal mail user's address as an external one when sending email from local users to the outside world.

Script Identifier
Added 2003-02-24
by Robert Sandilands
Scriptid is a program and a library that can be used to determine whether a given text file contains code of a specified programming language. The current release can tell whether a file contains vbscript or not. It should be possible to extend this to any number of other languages. It is important to also download the latest neural network weights update file.

Added 2003-02-04
by SecureWave
Windows 2000 and Windows XP come with drivers for several wireless LAN ("WLAN") adapters; installation requires only insertion of one of those adapters. Administrative privileges are not required, as no new drivers must be registered with the operating system. WaveLock assists in enforcing security policies by blocking access to these adapters, making it harder to circumvent firewalls, filters, proxies, and other required safeguards. To install WaveLock, download and uncompress wavelock.zip. Execute the resulting wavelock.msi file (a Windows Installer setup), which installs wavelock.sys. Reboot to load and activate WaveLock. A list of the wireless network adapters supported out-of-the-box on Windows 2000 and Windows XP can be found below. Note that WaveLock cannot know about and will therefore not block additional drivers installed by administrators.

Added 2003-01-24
by Matt Armstrong
RubyFilter is a Ruby email filtering program that can serve as a replacement for email delivery programs such as procmail. It is also a Ruby module which provides classes that make it easy to write programs that filter and deliver email.

IMAP Spam Begone
Added 2003-01-21
by balamw
IMAP Spam Begone is a script that scans an IMAP inbox for spam using SpamAssassin, moving any found to another folder. Unlike normal mail setups it does not need to be involved in mail delivery, and can be run on a completely different machine to where your mailbox is stored.

Added 2003-01-13
by Joseph Monti
LlamaChat is a Java-based chat server/client pair. It supports many advanced chat features, including secure connections, multiple channels, administrative class users, and more.

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