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Category: Network Utilities

Free Random WEP/WPA-PSK online generator tool
Added 2005-10-19
by D'Amato Luigi
Create and customize random WEP/WPA-PSK Key with this online tool.

Added 2005-10-16
by SurveilleTech, LLC.
e-Surveiller is a powerful user-activity monitoring, logging and surveillance suite. With it, you can record all keystrokes, Web site visits, windows, AOL, AIM, ICQ, MSN and Yahoo chats, etc. of computer users on standalone computers, on a local area network and on remote computers across the Internet. You view the screens of monitored users on a LAN or across the Internet in real-time! User-activity logs are also periodically uploaded or emailed to you for analysis + MORE!

Event Log Explorer
Added 2005-10-09
by FSPro Labs
Event Log Explorer is a free software for viewing, monitoring and analyzing events recorded in Security, System, Application and another logs of Microsoft Windows NT/2000/XP/2003 operating systems. It extends starndard Event Viewer monitoring functionality and brings new features.

SecureCentral ScanFi
Added 2005-09-30
by AdventNet Inc.
ScanFi is a vulnerability management and reporting software for detecting and assessing network vulnerabilities, open ports and missing patches across heterogeneous networks comprising servers, workstations, laptops, routers, switches and other network entities.

Colasoft Capsa
Added 2005-09-20
by Colasoft Co., Ltd.
Easy-to-use network monitor and protocol analyzer designed for packet decoding and network diagnosis, helping network administrators troubleshoot network problems. With the ability of real time packet capture and accurate data analysis, Colasoft Capsa makes your network transparent before you, letting you quickly and efficiently fix the network troubles.

Collapse Web Application Scanner
Added 2005-09-07
by Syhunt Security Team
Now available in 6 languages (English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese & Spanish). Collapse, a free tool from Syhunt, allows web administrators to perform aggressive and comprehensive scans of an organization's web server to isolate vulnerabilities and identify security holes. The Collapse scanner requires basic inputs such as host names and port numbers to scan a complete web site and test all the web applications for security vulnerabilities.

RWKG Random WEP/WPA Keys Generator
Added 2005-09-02
by BlackAngels
The RWKG tool can be used to generate random WEP and WPA keys. These randomly generated a strings of allowed ASCII characters are then converted to their hex format (where 5/13/16/29 characters are used to create 64/128/152/256 bits WEP keys, or between 8 and 63 characters strings to create WPA/PSK keys).

Added 2005-08-17
by AdventNet
Integrated wlan security and Management tool. Identifies the vulnerabilities in the wlan, the intrusion attempts and mitigates wlan attacks. Helps in configuring the Access Points and in firmware upgrade.

showtraf for Windows
Added 2005-08-17
Demosten's showtraf, compiled with PSSDK for running from any (removable) disk without WinPCap.

SAT (Simple scAnning Tool)
Added 2005-08-14
by azurIt
SAT is a simple and fast network scanner written in Python progamming language. It is used to identify network devices and services: The identification is based on recieved data such as banners.

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