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Category: Policy Enforcement » Email

Added 2002-06-27
by Crah the Merciless
CRM is a very powerful filtering and mutilation language based on regex operations. It is capable of classifying mail messages, syslogs, firewall logs, and other incoming streams of unbounded length. It has a very powerful sparse-spectral learning capability; given examples of multiple classes (say, business email, jokes, and spam), it can learn to discriminate the classes.

Added 2002-06-14
by Daryl Banttari
JSpamfilter is software that intercepts connections from remote Internet mail servers before they can connect to your mail server. The originating IP address for the inbound connection is then checked against one of the DNS-based SPAM Blackhole (DNSBL) lists maintained on the Internet by various organizations. If the check passes, the connection is allowed to proceed to your mail server; if it fails, the connection is told that the mail server is unavailable, then dropped.

POP3 Virus Scanner Proxy
Added 2002-06-12
by Folke Ashberg
POP3 Virus Scanner Proxy is a full-transparent proxy daemon which scans all mails for viruses using third party scanners (built-in support for AVPD and Trophie) on Linux 2.4.X using iptables/netfilter redirect.

Added 2002-06-10
by MailArmor Support
MailArmor helps to keep your electronic mailbox free of spam: it looks at the relevant parts of your email before it leaves the mail server, and lets the legitimate messages pass through undisturbed, while leaving suspect messages on the server to be reexamined later or just deleted after a while. It works as a POP3 email proxy, with support for POP, APOP, and IMAP servers. It supports SpamCop reports and blacklist, and ORDB blacklist.

Added 2002-06-06
by Jon Lasser
notespam is a Unix filter-style spam-marking script based on data from DNS-based RBL services. It is suitable for being called as a procmail filter, and supports both system-wide and user-specific lists of RBL servers to check (blacklists) and lists of hosts or IP blocks not to mark as spam (whitelists).

TFS Secure Document Delivery
Added 2002-06-04
by TFS Technology
TFS SDD is setup as a server on your network with a unique, secure Internet domain (sdd.yourcompany.com). An email message goes to TFS SDD, which once received, generates a Parcel ID (unique code) for that message. A Parcel ID is generated for each email message - no two Parcel IDs are the same, ensuring the ultimate in security.

Email to Newsticker gateway
Added 2002-05-21
by Raphael Deimel
The Email to Newsticker gateway provides an easy way to let people put information (messages, links, or files) onto a homepage without the need for usernames and passwords. The front end is a simple HTML (Javascript) file, which can be easily customized. It is possible to use the same newsticker data on several homepage newstickers.

DSBL Testing Software
Added 2002-05-17
by flamingcow
The DSBL testing software is designed to be run from spamtrap email addresses on mail servers. It scans hosts that the spam touches for open SMTP relays, FormMail, HTTP proxies. and SOCKS proxies. The scans are done in such a way that the results are sent to the DSBL for inclusion into their list.

Added 2002-05-17
by Cameron Simpson
cats2procmailrc is a filter to generate a .procmailrc file from a much terser file consisting of single-line rules. These suffice to do the most common mail filing, making maintenance of a procmailrc very easy for someone with more than a few filing rules. Each rule basically names the folder, an optional subject tag, and the pattern.

BlackHole Spam/Virus Filter
Added 2002-05-15
by Chris Kennedy
Blackhole Spam/Virus Filter provides spam and virus filtering using dot files in all the major MTA/SMTP servers for UNIX and similar systems. It also can be used as a qmail-queue replacement or a Postfix Content Filter to cover the entire SMTP servers userbase. It is different from other, similar programs, in that it scales for thousands of users from being in C and not executing external programs for most of its work. It is uses flat config files or MySQL to store the configs of each user. Almost every type of check in existence for spam is implimented. It can be setup like an access list with each check type (over 15 checks currently) having its own separate rules for action and scores to choose action precedence. Subject tagging, custom headers, and detailed report logging can be fully configured from the config file, there is a global config file for default users setup, and it works with clamscan, which gives a fully Free spam/virus solution which matches any commercial offering.

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