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RE: Keylogger case 2004-12-01
Lachniet, Mark (mlachniet sequoianet com)
The Scarfo case is particularly interesting, in that they apparently had
to jury rig the key logger to not record while communications were
taking place to avoid wiretap laws. Some more info at on that.

I guess my question is this - was this a case of someone

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RE: [htcia] RE: Keylogger case 2004-12-01
Stephen Treglia (stephentreglia hotmail com)
I agree with those that say the Ropp decision (the California case that
started this thread) was wrongly decided. And if the facts were presented
to me to consider prosecuting in NY, I would advocate to my supervisors that
this is both an unlawful duplication of computer material as well as the

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RE: [htcia] RE: Keylogger case 2004-12-01
Aldrich Richard (ALDRICH_RICHARD bah com)
Professor Kerr of George Washington's Law School offers a very
good analysis of the underlying Ropp case which appears to be an
aberration in the case law. See

Rick Aldrich

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Black Hat CFPs now open: Europe and Asia 2004-12-01
Jeff Moss (jmoss blackhat com)

The Black Hat Briefings was created to fill the need for computer security
professionals to better understand
the security risks to information infrastructures and computer systems.

What makes Black Hat Briefings different? The speakers. We sele

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Manageable image sizes 2004-11-29
Nick Puetz (nickpuetz yahoo com) (3 replies)

I have been working recently with some large image sizes (over 20 GB) and was curious if mmls was the best way to make these images more manageable. When working on a large image (using TSK), it can take quite a long time to do a simple search for a key word. I am thinking that dd could also be

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Re: Manageable image sizes 2004-11-30
Greg Freemyer (greg freemyer gmail com)
Re: Manageable image sizes 2004-11-29
Brian Carrier (carrier cerias purdue edu)
Re: Manageable image sizes 2004-11-29
Kyle Maxwell (krmaxwell gmail com)
Fwd: e-crime and computer evidence 2005 - registration update 2004-11-24
Angus Marshall (angus n-gate net)
The "early-bird" lower-cost registration period for ECCE 2005 has been
extended to 14th December.

Papers to be presented cover procedural issues relating to evidence recovery
& interpretation (including detection of "anti-forensic" methods), legal
issues from around the world (including viruses)

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Network Forensic Suites 2004-11-24
Andy Cuff (lists securitywizardry com) (1 replies)
I'm currently extending the portal to include network forensic suites, ie
products that can collect, store and present network traffic. I'd be very
interested in hearing any views of list members regarding the definition of
the category and also whether I'm missing any of the products within

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Re: Network Forensic Suites 2004-11-30
KC Ferguson (4g-forensics 5834 net)
Keylogger case 2004-11-23
dave kleiman (dave isecureu com)
Moderator please dismiss this if it already passed through the list....

"BY By Kevin Poulsen, SecurityFocus Nov 19 2004 6:40PM
A federal judge in Los Angeles has dismissed charges against a California man who used a keystroke"


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HTCIA Webinar 2004-11-23
Warren Kruse (wgkruse computer-forensic com)
For anyone that missed the last HTCIA webinar live you can access the
archive here:

The webinar was sponsored by Paraben, so there is
no cost to view it and you don't need to be an HTCIA member to view the
taped archives:

Advanced Internet Rese

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