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phishing attack 2006-05-01
anon sumfin de (1 replies)
We had a phishing attack going on in our network for a while. What the attacker did was he created a fake website of a bank and managed to capture login's and passwords. The bank website was using differnt domains for its login and for main website. for eg on banks website suppose is when us

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RE: phishing attack 2006-05-01
AJ Rembert (ajrembert stny rr com)
RE: Poll: Emerging Threats 2006-04-28
H Alsaleh (haggar12 hotmail com) (2 replies)
You failed to explain why would we take the time and knowledge to do this
for you, especially when you requested the information to be privately sent
only to you?

----Original Message Follows----
From: "Jon R. Kibler"
To: phishing (at) securityfocus (dot) com [email concealed],
binaryanalysis (at) securityfocus (dot) com [email concealed],bugtraq

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RE: Poll: Emerging Threats 2006-05-01
Securicom - Dries Morris (dries securicom co za) (1 replies)
Re: Poll: Emerging Threats 2006-05-02
Jon R. Kibler (Jon Kibler aset com)
Re: Poll: Emerging Threats 2006-04-29
Clinton E. Troutman (clint troutman sbcglobal net)
Poll: Emerging Threats 2006-04-28
Jon R. Kibler (Jon Kibler aset com)
Greetings All,

First, I would like to apologize to those who received multiple copies due to cross posting -- I just wanted to ensure a variety of opinions.

On to business: I would like to do a little survey among the security professionals on this list.

Two Questions:
1) What do you believe w

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Re: PowerPoint Phishing Trojan 2006-04-26
joshuaperrymon gmail com

I'd like to take a look at it as well... I have a VMWare lab that I'd like to test it in.


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Newslist about security conference 2006-04-23
newslist (at) security-briefings (dot) com [email concealed] (newslist security-briefings com)
Hello all,

Just to inform you that you can subscribe to a new mailing list
dedicated to security conference.

To see example of information you will receive, go to

To subscribe, just send an empty email to
list-subscribe (at) security-briefings (dot) com [email concealed]



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PowerPoint Phishing Trojan 2006-04-22
Lance James (bugtraq securescience net)
Hi all,

Just an FYI, there is a neat little PowerPoint Trojan that we received
from a helpful source yesterday. It appears to be exploiting this vuln:

I extracted the PE file(s) out of the ppt and got only 3 recognizing the
file as

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IMF 2006 - IT-Incident Management & IT-Forensics 2006 2006-04-19
Hardo Hase (ml hase-bexbach de)
Dear all,

for your information:

The deadline to submit papers for the IMF Conference 2006 has been
extended to 2006-05-01.

Please excuse possible cross-postings.


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New site about security conferences : 2006-04-19
newslist (at) security-briefings (dot) com [email concealed] (newslist security-briefings com)
Hello all,

We proud to announce the release of a new site devoted to security
conferences :

Our goal is to highlight major information provided during the most
popular and interesting conferences such as (but not limited to) :
Blackhat, Shmoocon, Defcon, Recon,

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This is a joke... 2006-04-11
Paul Laudanski (paul castlecops com)
----- Original Message -----
From: "Paul Laudanski" <paul (at) castlecops (dot) com [email concealed]>
To: "Elaine Pruis" <elaine.pruis (at) cocca (dot) cx [email concealed]>
Cc: <accounting (at) nic (dot) mu [email concealed]>; <nw (at) lexsi (dot) com [email concealed]>; <reportphishing (at) antiphishing (dot) org [email concealed]>;
<admin (at) fraudwatchinternational (dot) com [email concealed]>; <phishing (at) webwasher (dot) com [email concealed]>;
<scam (at) netcraft (dot) com [email concealed]>; <friedphish@firetrus

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Yahoo-hosted phishing sites 2006-03-29
Jon R. Kibler (Jon Kibler aset com) (1 replies)

Anyone know to whom you can report yahoo-hosted phishing sites (or redirects) and get someone who has half a clue? If you try to report the sites to abuse (at) yahoo (dot) com [email concealed], or use the online abuse web form, you get a lame message that says 'the email in question did not originate from a Yahoo! mail

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RE: Yahoo-hosted phishing sites 2006-03-31
patrick cain (pcain coopercain com) (1 replies)
Re: Yahoo-hosted phishing sites 2006-04-01
Niels Provos (provos citi umich edu) (1 replies)
Re: Yahoo-hosted phishing sites 2006-04-04
Paul Laudanski (paul castlecops com)
Resource to Report and Stop Phishing Scams (fwd) 2006-03-28
Paul Laudanski (zx castlecops com)
C|Net Exclusive Headline News:

CastleCops, a globally oriented security and privacy site, and Sunbelt
Software, a leading provider of Windows security software, announced today
a new anti-phishing task force designed to help consumers and businesses
combat the unending s

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java-based botnet? 2006-03-21
admin (sfbotnets omni poc net)
Since January 10th of this year, I've been observing a constant flow of
unusual hits to my web server. Here is an example excerpt:

x.x.194.74 - - [21/Mar/2006:00:51:16 +0000] "GET / HTTP/1.1" 200 104 "-" "Java/1.4.1_04" "" "-" "-"
x.x.195.103 - - [21/Mar/2006:06:02:03 +0000] "GET / HTT

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RE: Anti-Phishing 2006-03-11
Stejerean, Cosmin (cosmin cti depaul edu) (1 replies)
This might not work too well. I have seen automated programs that will
validate credit card information by placing fake transaction of a couple
of dollars to see if it gets cleared. I am not sure how much you can
slow down this kind of process. I don't see anything unethical or
illegal about doing t

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Re: Anti-Phishing 2006-03-14
Raghu nath (raghunath22 gmail com)
yahoo redirect phish 2006-03-12
Lance James (bugtraq securescience net)

This was demonstrated in the November publishing of Phishing Exposed as

More e

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Re: Coppermine exploit used by a Chase Phish? 2006-03-11
Nexus (nexus logik gmail com)
Coppermine is subjectable to multiple exploits, for the most part
exploiters do not need to have much knowledge of it's working. There is
a script called nst.php which is saved as a rar file and uploaded into
the coppermine (unless coppermine is properly configured to now access
anything bt imag

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Coppermine exploit used by a Chase Phish? 2006-03-11
Paul Laudanski (zx castlecops com)
I got sent a Chase phish email tonight and in checking it out it appears
to be live on a Coppermine gallery installation. Is this a new exploit of
Coppermine, or just this site hasn't been yet patched?

A photo of the phish site with the URL (domain blacked out):

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Scope of phishing 2006-03-11
v-tanvir hashmi riyadbank com
I think phishing is; < technique of ?identity theft? using ?URL redirection' only.>

Do u guys think
a) technique of ?identity theft? using ?key strock capture'

b)technique of ?identity theft? using emails also time to time used with the domain name similar to actual.which i will call ? Fra

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Anti-Phishing 2006-03-10
Jon R. Kibler (Jon Kibler aset com)
Greetings All,

What if we were able to make life more miserable for phishers? Would it slow them down or discourage them?

Would it be ethical to do so? Legal?

A thought along those lines: There are dozens of programs available that will generate 'legitimate' fake credit card numbers, bank accoun

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Subject: .NET Messenger User with Corporate Domain Address: UPDATE REQUIRED 2006-03-03
Bongers, Coen (coen bongers logicacmg com)

any of you getting messages (yourself or from your end-users) with the below content.

They appear to be comming from Microsoft itself, I verified the SMTP path and it seems correct, however no additional information on this request can be found anywhere with Microsoft or on Google.


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Re: New to phishing 2006-02-21
jalvare7 cajastur es
The best paper I've read, with up to date an detailed analysis of phishing
attacks is this:

It also includes very useful links to other information, such as the
phishing spam examples database at
the Anti Phishing Group and PhishReport.

I liked it so mu

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