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CFP For HITBSecConf2008 - Malaysia Now Open 2008-05-17
Praburaajan (prabu hackinthebox org)
CFP For HITBSecConf2008 - Malaysia Now Open

Hello from Malaysia!

The Call for Papers (CFP) for the 6th Hack In The Box Security
Conference in Malaysia (27th - 30th October 2008) is now open.

We've got some really cool stuff lined up this year including an
open-hack competition for charity, a th

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Final EUSecWest 2008 Speakers and Dojos - London May 21/22 2008-05-09
Dragos Ruiu (dr kyx net)
The selected papers for EUSecWest 2008 are:

* PhlashDance, discovering permanent denial of service attacks against
embedded systems - Rich Smith, HP Labs

* Attacking Near Field Communications (NFC) Mobile Phones - Collin Muliner,

* Abusing X.509 certificate features - Alexander

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Photos and Presentation Materials from HITBSecConf2008 - Dubai Released 2008-05-03
Praburaajan (prabu hackinthebox org)
The codes, tools, exploits, slides and other presentation goodies from
HITBSecConf2008 - Dubai are available for download! You will also find a
'bonus download' of the live recording of DJ Negative's set from the
HITB Post Conference Party at the URL below :)

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Race to Zero - DefCon 16 contest announcement 2008-04-25
Race to Zero Organizers (contest racetozero net)
Race-to-Zero - Threat Obfuscation Contest

This is a community announcement for the first Race-to-Zero contest.
Race-To-Zero will be taking place at Defcon 16 and we thought members
of this list may be interested

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EUSecWest CFP Closes April 14th (conf May 21/22 2008) 2008-04-10
Dragos Ruiu (dr kyx net)
(We've moved the conference this year to the a club
in Leicester Square in the heart of London and SoHo.
We'll be putting speakers up across the square at the
Radisson Edwardian Hampshire, but there are lots of
hotels in the region there in the center of London
for those who want to attend (the ve

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CanSecWest 2008 PWN2OWN - Mar 26-28 2008-03-21
Dragos Ruiu (dr kyx net)
Calendar Notes:

PacSec 2008 will be on November 12/13 in Tokyo at Aoyama Diamond Hall.

EUSecWest 2008 will be on May 21/22 at a fun new venue in central London.
(We cooked this schedule up so it will enable people to fly to Berlin on
the 23rd and make FX's ph-neutral on Saturday the 2

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CanSecWest 2008 Mar 26-28 2008-02-22
Dragos Ruiu (dr kyx net)
CanSecWest 2008 Presentations

Snort 3.0 - Marty Roesch, Sourcefire

Cross-Site Scripting Vulnerabilities in Flash Authoring Tools - Rich
Cannings, Google

Proprietary RFID Systems - Jan "starbug" Krissler and Karsten Nohl, CCC

Media Frenzy: Finding Bugs in Windows Media Software - Mark Dowd and

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HITBSecConf2007 Malaysia Videos Now Available 2007-12-06
Praburaajan (prabu hackinthebox org)
The videos from Hack In The Box Security Conference 2007 Malaysia is now
available for download! The files were created in Quicktime, however if
you're having trouble playing them on your platform, please ensure you
have the latest 3IVX codec installed.

Time to fire up your favorite Bit Torrent

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company puts a new spin on infosec services 2007-11-23
im obfuscated (imnotafed yahoo com)

So I was searching for information security providers and I came across one that seems fairly interesting. The name of the company is Datahack Technologies. It seems that they are a rather new company, but they make some very large claims. In one part of their site they state that they are leaders

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CanSecWest 2008 CFP (deadline Nov 30, conf Mar 26-28) and PacSec Dojo's 2007-11-09
Dragos Ruiu (dr kyx net)
I'd like to congratulate Adam Laurie for winning the second Powerbook
from the Pwn_to_Own contest as the prize for the best speaker rated
by the audience for his presentation on RFID at CanSecWest 2007.
We will have a similar prize for the best speaker at CanSecWest 2008,
prize TBD (but we promise i

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CFP for HITBSecConf2008 - Dubai now open 2007-10-23
Praburaajan (prabu hackinthebox org)
The CFP for HITBSecConf2008 - Dubai is now open.

Our 2008 event is expected to attract over 300 attendees from around the
EMEA region and will see keynote speakers Bruce Schneier (Founder and
CTO, BT Counterpane) and Jeremiah Grossman (Founder and CTO, White Hat
Security). The event is supported an

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RE: stealth virus on explorer.exe 2007-10-12
John Hall (securityfocus neovolo com)
This "virus" has much of the same behavior as the Nail.exe application that
I've found on multiple machines. Some suggestions I might make would be
(depending on your skill level):

1) If you are pretty comfortable in the registry, check out

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stealth virus on explorer.exe 2007-09-28
Isaac Perez Moncho (suscripcions tsolucio com) (4 replies)
Hello all,
I have a computer infected with a virus that act like this:
explorer.exe start opening smtp connections to several ip's and url's
until it exceed the tcp limit of windows xp sp2.
If I kill explorer.exe and run again from task manager the virus doesn't
run anymore until reboot.
It seems th

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Re: stealth virus on explorer.exe 2007-10-19
Isaac Perez Moncho (suscripcions tsolucio com)
Re: stealth virus on explorer.exe 2007-09-29
daniel (danderson310 gmail com)
Re: stealth virus on explorer.exe 2007-09-28
T.I.M (theiceman ice gmail com) (1 replies)
RE: stealth virus on explorer.exe 2007-09-28
Patrick Nolan (p nolan comcast net)
RE: stealth virus on explorer.exe 2007-09-28
infos3c (infos3c gmail com)
security in yahoo messenger - anwar azam khan 2007-06-15
anwar azam khan (belasuz yahoo com) (1 replies)

hello !
i have listen about the bugs in yahoo messnger? In previous days, there was
alot of problem in securitires of yahoo messenger?

View this message in context:
Sent from the Security - Virus

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RE: security in yahoo messenger - anwar azam khan 2007-06-20
Patrick Collins (Patrick Collins thegenius com)
Antivirus/anti-spyware FREE TOOLS 2007-05-17
oprah1986 (oprahgalbraith1986 yahoo com) (1 replies)

Hi Everybody!

Just a little update about FREE antivirus/spywares tools:

Free antivirus software:
AVG Antivirus Free Edition:
PC Tools Antivirus:
Bit Defender 8, Free Edition:

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Re: Antivirus/anti-spyware FREE TOOLS 2007-05-18
Volodymyr Kostyrko (c kworr gmail com)
Removing traces of the Mytob worm? 2007-02-14
techgrl (favoriteemail gmail com)

I'm dealing with trying to get rid of what appears to be some traces of the
Mytob worm. Originally, it was downloaded into Outlook, then spotted and
removed by the antivirus solution. I can't find any of the files or registry
keys that would be associated with this worm:

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AV Testing 2007-02-05
Richard Whitworth (richard whitworth brammer biz) (1 replies)

I am in the process of evaluating software from various AV vendors to
roll out across my organisation. The product will be installed on up to
1500 desktops/laptops, around 100 servers including Exchange and ISA

As part of the process I want to measure the impact of the software on

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RE: AV Testing 2007-02-05
Evan Mann (emann pinnaclefinancial com) (1 replies)
RE: AV Testing 2007-02-05
Alex Ackley (alex2 alexackley com)
AVIEN 2nd Annual Virtual Conference Announcement 2006-12-20
gdowling proskauer com
The 2nd Annual AVIEN (Anti-Virus Information Exchange Network) Virtual
Conference will be held on January 10, 2007. The theme is "The New Face of
Malware: Stories from the Battlefield", and you can register for the conference

Among the topics to be discu

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