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Re: Re: Sebek-WIN32 v3.0.4 2008-06-17
forensicist gmail com
I am using NOD32 adn it show unknown newHeur_PE_virus.

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Sebek-WIN32 v3.0.4 2008-06-17
forensicist gmail com (1 replies)
I have scanned Sebek-WIN32 v3.0.3 & Sebek-WIN32 v3.0.4 but both are infected and AV detected it as a Malware. Also, when I restarted my PC1 after installation of Sebek-WIN32 v3.0.3 and restarted my PC2 after installation of Sebek-WIN32 v3.0.4, BLUE screen error occur.

I am using Win 2003 server

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Re: Sebek-WIN32 v3.0.4 2008-06-17
Jamie Riden (jamie riden gmail com)
Help find subject for a paper 2008-05-26
Vinícius Batistela (vinicius batistela org) (3 replies)
Hi, i'm from Brazil, student of computer science and i am doing a
paper about honeypots and honeynets. I have already done a research
and i know most of the concepts about them. But now, i have to choose
something more practical to do and i don't know what. I want to do
something that contribute wit

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Re: Help find subject for a paper 2008-05-27
Colin Copley (colin 75 btinternet com)
Re: Help find subject for a paper 2008-05-27
Jakub (evaver gmail com)
Re: Help find subject for a paper 2008-05-27
Jon Kibler (Jon Kibler aset com)
CfP hack.lu 2008 2008-05-20
hack.lu 2008 (2008 hack lu)
Call for Papers Hack.lu 2008

The purpose of the hack.lu convention is to give an open and free
playground where people can discuss the implication of new technologies
in society.

hack.lu is a balanced mix convention where technical and non-technical
people can meet each others and share freely

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CFP For HITBSecConf2008 - Malaysia Now Open 2008-05-18
Praburaajan (prabu hackinthebox org)
Hello from Malaysia!

The Call for Papers (CFP) for the 6th Hack In The Box Security
Conference in Malaysia (27th - 30th October 2008) is now open.

We've got some really cool stuff lined up this year including an
open-hack competition for charity, a third track in the conference
(hitb-labs), 4 keyn

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Final EUSecWest 2008 Speakers London May 21/22 2008-05-09
Dragos Ruiu (dr kyx net)
The selected papers for EUSecWest 2008 are:

* PhlashDance, discovering permanent denial of service attacks against
embedded systems - Rich Smith, HP Labs

* Attacking Near Field Communications (NFC) Mobile Phones - Collin Muliner,

* Abusing X.509 certificate features - Alexander

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Honeypot research as part of a senior project (thesis) at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign 2008-05-03
Chris Pick (pilo1000 gmail com) (1 replies)
I am a senior at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
(uiuc.edu) majoring in computer science.

As a senior project I am writing a research thesis about honeypots. I
have been running my own honeypot at home but I now realize I will
need much more data to be able to draw more accurate and ge

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Photos and Presentation Materials from HITBSecConf2008 - Dubai Released 2008-05-03
Praburaajan (prabu hackinthebox org)
The codes, tools, exploits, slides and other presentation goodies from
HITBSecConf2008 - Dubai are available for download! You will also find a
'bonus download' of the live recording of DJ Negative's set from the
HITB Post Conference Party at the URL below :)


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EUSecWest CFP Closes April 14th (conf May 21/22 2008) 2008-04-10
Dragos Ruiu (dr kyx net)
(We've moved the conference this year to the a club
in Leicester Square in the heart of London and SoHo.
We'll be putting speakers up across the square at the
Radisson Edwardian Hampshire, but there are lots of
hotels in the region there in the center of London
for those who want to attend (the ve

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RE: SMTP probes 2008-03-27
Brian Jameson (tech jameson co uk)
Michael wrote:-

> By 'responded' to emails, what did you mean? Smtp '550 unknown
> user/goaway'
> or send them email (spam, backscatter?)

I seem to recall from the discussion at the time that often the first couple
e-mails go back to the 'controller' so they know that things are working.
That w

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Capture-HPC v2.1 enables investigation of client-side computer attacks 2008-03-27
Ralph K. Logan Jr. (ralph logan thelogangroup biz)

Capture-HPC v2.1 enables investigation of client-side computer attacks

Wellington, New Zealand
Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Honeynet Project (http://www.honeynet.org) and School of
Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science at Victoria University of

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SMTP probes 2008-03-26
Brian Jameson (tech jameson co uk)
I am getting a steady stream of probes on port 25 to my honeypot(thp). I
would like to investigate these further and re-call sometime ago a
discussion on this list about software(linux based) that responded to the
first couple of e-mails and then tar-pitted or blocked subsequent calls.
Needless to s

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CanSecWest 2008 PWN2OWN - Mar 26-28 2008-03-21
Dragos Ruiu (dr kyx net)
Calendar Notes:

PacSec 2008 will be on November 12/13 in Tokyo at Aoyama Diamond Hall.

EUSecWest 2008 will be on May 21/22 at a fun new venue in central London.
(We cooked this schedule up so it will enable people to fly to Berlin on
the 23rd and make FX's ph-neutral on Saturday the 2

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Recon 2008 - Call For Papers 2008-03-03
Recon (cfp2008 recon cx)
Welcome to TeleMate!
DATAPAC: Call connected to XXXX XXXX

This is a private system. Access attempts are logged. Unauthorized
access may result in prosecution.


+ + + +

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Call for Papers: First IEEE International Workitorial on Steganography - "Vision of the Unseen" 2008-02-23
wjs3 cortex eas uccs edu

This might be of interest to some on this list:

We are pleased to announce the First IEEE Workitorial on Vision of the
Unseen (WVU'08). http://www.liv.ic.unicamp.br/wvu/

This unique event will engage the Vision and Security Communities in this
challenging area. WVU'08 is a combined tutorial and

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CanSecWest 2008 Mar 26-28 2008-02-22
Dragos Ruiu (dr kyx net)
CanSecWest 2008 Presentations

Snort 3.0 - Marty Roesch, Sourcefire

Cross-Site Scripting Vulnerabilities in Flash Authoring Tools - Rich  
Cannings, Google

Proprietary RFID Systems - Jan "starbug" Krissler and Karsten Nohl, CCC

Media Frenzy: Finding Bugs in Windows Media Software - Mark Dowd and

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HoneyMole 2.0.2 2008-02-21
Pedro Inacio (pedro inacio honeynet org pt)

HoneyMole 2.0.2 has been released.

This release is just a small bugfix in the "make install" script and
presents more verbose logging.

You can download it under:


As always your feedback is very important.

Best regards,

Pedro Inácio

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monitoring status of active malwares on honeypots 2008-02-08
Bhatnagar, Mayank (mbhatnagar ipolicynetworks com) (1 replies)

With respect to the malwares and their activity, we observe;

1. Those which are actively seeing hitting the hosts are active (trying
to infect the machines)
2. Those which are dormant and for a long period of time, how can we
conclude a particular malware/virus is not active any more? Basicall

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Re: monitoring status of active malwares on honeypots 2008-02-08
Valdis Kletnieks vt edu
Announcing new KYE-Lite paper: Proxy Threats - Socks v666 2008-01-29
Ralph K. Logan Jr. (ralph logan thelogangroup biz)
The Honeynet Project is excited to announce the release of our newest
paper in our Know Your Enemy series, KYE-Lite: Proxy Threats - Socks

This new "KYE-Lite" format is to focus on very specific topics and be
more frequent in release in order to address emerging trends, threats
and de

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Honey Patterns 2008-01-24
jaboltz bu edu
I wrote a paper for school while taking a course in network forensics
to show how network fornesics could be enhanced by honeypots or

I ended up with a section on patterns to describe the different ways
that honeypots could be deployed in a network environment - use with
IDS, forensi

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PacSec07 presentation on Global Distributed Honeynets 2008-01-22
David Watson (david honeynet org uk)
Hi all.

I presented at PacSec07 late last year on the first phase of an ongoing
research initiative I've been leading for the Honeynet Project called
GDH - Global Distributed Honeynets.

For anyone interested, further details (including slides), can be found


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HoneySpot: The Wireless Honeypot 2008-01-15
Raul Siles (raul siles gmail com)
Hi everyone,
As a member of the Spanish Honeynet Project, I put together a paper
called "HoneySpot: The Wireless Honeypot. Monitoring the Attacker's
Activities in Wireless Networks. A design and architectural overview".
The paper tries to create awareness and promote wireless honeypots,
mainly cente

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Honeywall CDROM 1.3 beta is here! 2008-01-03
Robert Mcmillen (rvmcmil gmail com)
The Honeynet Project is happy to announce the beta release of version
1.3 of the Honeywall CDROM.

The Honeywall CDROM is a bootable CD that installs onto a hard drive
and comes with all the tools and functionality for you to implement
data capture, control, and analysis.

Changes since version 1.2:

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