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Re: Proxypot 2007-02-01
jay tomas infosecguru com
You may try Admin Email: pacman (at) world.std (dot) com [email concealed]
Its the registrant/admin address of site.


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Subject: Proxypot

Hi there,
does anybody know what is going on with Pro

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Proxypot 2007-02-01
eempee op pl
Hi there,
does anybody know what is going on with Proxypot?
Website www.proxypot.org doesnt work any longer...

Can anyone link the lastest version of that software, please?


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Re: problems with yum and roo 2007-02-01
Earl (esammons hush com)
Hash: SHA1


I have to admit that my communication / release engineering skills
have been a bit lax... Sorry about that.

Long story short: There are no updates for roo-1.0.hw-189. I
cleared the update repos (that brok roo anyway) because we were

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problems with yum and roo 2007-01-31
Erin L. Johnson (tenbris gmail com)
I loaded a fresh install of roo 1.0 189 and tried to run 'yum update
roo-base' to avoid bug 423
(https://bugs.honeynet.org/show_bug.cgi?id=423). This gave me an
error of:

[Errno 4] IOError: HTTP Error 404: Not Found


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Re: Support for development Honey clients 2007-01-27
Christian Seifert gmail com
The NZ Honeynet Alliance and Victoria University of Wellington are supporting the HoneyC and Capture-HPC project. We are currently in the process of collecting data with the two client honeypot projects and expecting to release the results in the next couple of months.

Capture-HPC development is al

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Honeypot installation, Sebek with web interface 2007-01-23
ntruhan kent edu

I am working on a project for my masters thesis on detecting 0-day

There are 3 machines and 2 subnets I am utilizing and this is at my
Just to explain the setup before the question.

I have a cable modem coming into my home into 1 router. This router
has a netw

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Sebek documentation 2007-01-21
mng3 (at) libero (dot) it [email concealed] (mng3 libero it)
I would like to learn in detail how Sebek work in Windows system.

I'have already read the paper "Know your enemy:Sebek" and an article on SecurityFocus, but these document are focused on Linux Platform.

Can anyone indicate me some documentation that explain the working principle of Sebek on Wi

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DIMVA 2007: Final Call for Papers 2007-01-18
Robin Sommer (info dimva org)
Dear Colleagues,

this is the final Call for Papers for DIMVA 2007, the Fourth GI
International Conference on Detection of Intrusions & Malware, and
Vulnerability Assessment; which will be held in Lucerne,
Switzerland, on July 12-13, 2007.

Paper submission is now open at http://www.dimva.org/dimva

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Support for development Honey clients 2007-01-20
Carol Overes (carol overes net) (1 replies)

Does the Honeynet Research project also support the development of the
concept of Honeyclients ? If so, does someone know which tools are
supported for development?

There are some interesting tools out there, like:

Monkey Spider (under development):

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Re: Support for development Honey clients 2007-01-22
Lance Spitzner (lance honeynet org)
Re: Honeypot Best Practice 2007-01-14
obichbiche googlemail com
Hi Youcef,

You better read the whitepapers available on honeynet.org site or a small version of the architecture kindely provided by the philippines honeynet project this will give you an upfront view of what you can expect from your honeynet.

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Honeypot Best Practice 2007-01-13
Yousef Al-Sayed / ZIIC ITG Security Consultant (YousefalSayed ziic com)

HI there,

Can any one please direct me where I can find the best practice for honey pot ,like I should install the latest update as well as antivirus ..etc



Disclaimer: This

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Hardware Performance of Honeyd 2007-01-12
Sol_Invictus (sol haveyoubeentested org) (2 replies)
Greetings All!

I'm designing a honeynet for a client and would like to see how large we can
go. My Client has a Dual Processor Dual Core Zeon system with 4 GB of
memory and lots of disk space. They also have 2 Gig E ports.

We are thinking about running Honeyd on this box. The Honeynet will b

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Re: Hardware Performance of Honeyd 2007-01-12
David Watson (david honeynet org uk) (1 replies)
Re: Hardware Performance of Honeyd 2007-01-16
Michael Bailey (mibailey eecs umich edu)
Re: Hardware Performance of Honeyd 2007-01-12
Valdis Kletnieks vt edu (1 replies)
Re: Hardware Performance of Honeyd 2007-01-12
Arthur Clune (arthur honeynet org uk)
Call for Participation 6th Telecom and Informatics Conference 2007-01-10
Bill McCarty (wbmccarty gmail com)
The 6th Telecom and Informatics Conference will be held March 22-24 in
Dallas, Texas, USA. The conference will include a session pertaining
to honeynets, honeypots, and related information security technology.
You can read more about the conference at

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Call for Papers 2006-12-22
Jeff Horton (jeffh uow edu au)

RAID 2007

10th International Symposium on
Recent Advances in Intrusion Detection 2007

September 5-7, 2007

Crowne Pl

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Honeysnap v1.0.3 2006-12-16
Arthur Clune (arthur honeynet org uk)

The Honeynet Project and Research Alliance are happy to announce the
release of Honeysnap 1.0.3. This version includes all the features of
1.0 plus windows support, dns decoding, full decoding of all sebek
types, improved documentation and more detailed output for all the
supported decodes.

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Call For Papers: SecurityOPUS 2007 2006-12-09
Sharkey (pdxsharkey gmail com)
Call for Papers

Security OPUS - Call for Papers
March 19-20, 2006.
San Francisco, California. USA

Security OPUS is an annual meeting of professional security
researchers and information security practioners. The confere

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Dictionary files for SSH brute force 2006-12-10
kaito (kaito834 gmail com)
I want to dictionary files for ssh brute force. Could anyone tell me
the url for dictionary files or send me the dictionary files if knows?

My honeypot sshd server is logging the userid and password like the following;
Dec 6 00:31:46 HONEY sshd[686]: Failed password for invalid user
test/test from

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Re: Problem with Honeywall and MySQL 2006-12-08
Earl (esammons hush com)
Hash: SHA1


The minimums are essentially what we believe it takes to get you up
and running with a very basic setup. If you think about it, due to
the nature of this particular application / activity its really
tough (although not impossible) to come up wit

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Problem with Honeywall and MySQL 2006-12-04
mng3 (at) libero (dot) it [email concealed] (mng3 libero it) (2 replies)
Hi all,
I have a question for you.

Why don't mysqld start on boot anymore if I delete log files and pcap captures by mean of the "Clean out logging directories" command of
"OS Administration" menu ?

I'm using roo-1.0.hw-189 (with roo-base-1.0.hw-422).

Thanks you for your attention,
Best regards

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Re: Problem with Honeywall and MySQL 2006-12-04
Lance Spitzner (lance honeynet org) (1 replies)
Re: Problem with Honeywall and MySQL 2006-12-04
Mark J. Hufe (mark j hufe wilmcoll edu)
RE: Problem with Honeywall and MySQL 2006-12-04
ROPERT François (Francois ROPERT supinfo com)
fl0p - passive L7 flow fingerprinting 2006-12-03
Michal Zalewski (lcamtuf dione ids pl)
I'd like to announce the availability of a tool called fl0p, which I hope
might be of some interest to various network security dudes and dudettes
on the list (and will hopefully serve as a convenient framework for cool

The tool is a simple flow-analyzing passive L7 fingerprinter. It exa

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Re: smallpot honeypot 2006-12-02
Chenghuai Lu (luchenghuai gmail com)
I see. No wonder I cannot found the source code. Thanks a lot.

On 12/1/06, Nelson Williams <ngamazo (at) segurmatica (dot) cu [email concealed]> wrote:
> Hello Lu
> The Smallpot project is proprietary of Kaspersky. There is no source code.
> Check this links.
> Internet Attacks 2005
> http://www.viruslist.com/en/analysis

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