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Upacked malware samples 2006-09-13
Don Parker (dparker bridonsecurity com) (1 replies)
Hi guys,

Do any of you have some have some UPack (by Dwing) packed malware samples
that you could send me?



Don Parker, GCIA GCIH
Intrusion Detection & Incident Handling Specialist
Bridon Security & Training Services

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Re: Upacked malware samples 2006-09-13
Lance James (lancej securescience net)
release uhooker v1.2 2006-09-07
Hernan Ochoa (lists core-sdi com)
uhooker v1.2 out.

What's new?:
gzip'd tarball:
zip file:

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ARES2007: Call for workshop proposals, deadline Sept 10, 2006 2006-08-03
Manh Tho (manhthovn gmail com)
Dear colleague,

As you may know, in conjunction with the "Second International
Conference on Availability, Reliability and Security (AReS) - ARES
2007 conference, a number of workshops will be organised.

It is my pleasure to invite you to submit workshop proposals. Workshop
proposals should includ

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Preliminary CFP:The 2nd International Conference on Availability, Reliability and Security (ARES 07), Vienna, Austria, April 10-13, 2007 2006-07-12
Manh Tho (manhthovn gmail com)
Apologies for multiple copies due to cross postings. Please send to
interested colleagues and students.

Preliminary Call for Papers
The Second International Conference on Availability, Reliability
and Secu

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Re: p2psrv.exe help 2006-06-28
john fellers gmail com
Can you send me a copy of it? I would be interested in reverse engineering it. I would be more than happy to share my results. Have you submitted it to any AV vendors yet?

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p2psrv.exe help 2006-06-23
Tommy Gast (tommygast gmail com)
I'm looking for some help with this file. I found this running on a
machine that I have. It placed it's self in the C:\Program
Files\Common Files\Sogou PXP folder. I first noticed it when it was
attempting to connect out to over varius different
ports. I used IDA to take a look at

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PECompact2 2006-06-23
als hush com (4 replies)


I recently came across a suspicious binary (.SCR) file in a
compromised system. As I started to analyse it by running a
'strings' against it I noticed there was very little readable text
in it, but the first line caught my attention: PECompact2.

I did some research and it seems this

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RE: PECompact2 2006-06-25
Earl_Marcus_Tan dell com
Re: PECompact2 2006-06-23
Lance James (phishing securescience net)
Re: PECompact2 2006-06-23
derez (derez packetforge net)
Re: PECompact2 2006-06-23
Greg Hunt (gregory hunt gmail com)
Re: Re: Analysis setups and environments 2006-06-01
saha_manish hotmail com
So Whats your your querry ?

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deadline extended for CFP of the IEEE S&P special issue on malware 2006-05-30
Ivan Arce (ivan arce coresecurity com)

The deadline for submission of articles for the IEEE S&P magazine's special
issue on malware has been extended to July 15th.

Also, IEEE S&P started running a series of 20-minute podcasts (The Silver
Bullet Security Podcast) hosted by Gary McGraw, CTO at Cigital and author of
several well-kn

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CFP: IEEE Security & Privacymagazine special issue on Malware 2006-04-19
Ivan Arce (ivan arce coresecurity com)
Special issue of IEEE Security & Privacy magazine
Botnets, spyware, rootkits and assorted malware, September/October 2006

Deadline for submissions: May 31st, 2006

Guest editors: Ivan Arce (

The continuing evolution of security threats and countermeasures

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New site about security conferences : 2006-04-19
newslist (at) security-briefings (dot) com [email concealed] (newslist security-briefings com)
Hello all,

We proud to announce the release of a new site devoted to security
conferences :

Our goal is to highlight major information provided during the most
popular and interesting conferences such as (but not limited to) :
Blackhat, Shmoocon, Defcon, Recon,

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Recon 2006: speaker lineup announcement 2006-04-13
Recon (hfortier recon cx)
RECON 2006 -
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
16 - 18 June 2006

We are pleased to announce the final speaker lineup selection for the RECON conference.

RECON is a computer security conference being held in Montreal.
The conference offers a single track of presentations over the span of thr

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Recon 2006: Guest speakers announcement. Call for papers and early registration ending in less than 2 weeks. 2006-03-21
Hugo Fortier (hfortier recon cx)
Recon 2006 - 16th 17th 18th June 2006 - Plaza Hotel, Montreal -

We are pleased to announce the guest speakers of Recon 2006 :

Anthony de Almeida Lopes: Multi-cavity NOP-infection Operating System-

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AppInit_DLLs, DLL Injection, Code Patching, Skype etc.. 2006-03-02
Vinay A. Mahadik (vamahadik fastmail fm)
Thought I'd share this RevEngg tool I have been using for a while. It's
essentially "Hot Code Patching" via "AppInit_DLLs" DLL injection trick.
I have found it useful where MS Detours can't be used (explained in the
Readme). I have provided a sample application on Skype 2.0 .

Skype left at least tw

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mwcollect & nepenthes Fusion Announcement 2006-02-22
Georg Wicherski (georg-wicherski pixel-house net)
mwcollect & nepenthes Fusion Announcement

The mwcollectd and nepenthes teams are proud to announce the end of the
independant co-existance of two tools sharing the same aim. mwcollectd
will be finished to v3.0.4 soon; development will be discontinued
afterwards. nepenthes will be the official succ

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BCS Asia 2006 - Call for Papers 2006-02-17
Jim Geovedi (jim geovedi com)

Bellua Cyber Security Asia 2006 Call for Papers -

For the second consecutive year, the Bellua Cyber Security Asia 2006
Conference will bring together in Indonesia internationally
recognized experts in the security community as well as leading
members of the loca

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Recent Haxdoor Version Breaks SSL via Pharming 2006-02-14
Lance James (bugtraq securescience net)
An advisory written by Secure Science was issued for a recent Pharming
attack found within malware.

-Lance James
Author of "Phishing Exposed"

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Re: Analysis setups and environments 2006-02-12
keydet89 yahoo com
As a follow-up to this thread, I've released a couple of modules for pulling metadata from MSWord files, and for parsing PE Headers, respectively.

H. Carvey
"Windows Forensics and Incident Recovery"

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mwcollect Alliance Launch 2006-02-03
Georg Wicherski (georg-wicherski pixel-house net)
Hash: SHA1

The mwcollect Alliance has been launched today. The mwcollect Alliance
is a non-profit community effort to collect autonomously spreading
malware and share with anti-virus and vulnerability researchers. Malware
is collected with the mwcollect Malware Co

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freeprod 2006-02-02
Steve McKnelly (thoth1890 gmail com)
Good Afternoon,
I'm not sure is this is appropriate for this list. If it isn't,
please accept my most sincere apologies.

A couple of weeks ago, my computer required a format and re-install of
Windows XP. I installed everything as usual with no problems. It
wasn't until I plugged the computer int

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