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[HITB-Announce] HITB2012AMS Call For Papers Now Open 2011-12-08
Hafez Kamal (aphesz hackinthebox org)
The Call for Papers for the third annual HITBSecConf in Europe is now
open! This year, we're moving to a new, bigger and better venue -- the
award winning Okura Hotel right in middle of Amsterdam with easy access
via public transportation. #HITB2012AMS will be a quad-track conference
featuring keyno

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Call for Papers -YSTS 6 - Security Conference, Brazil 2011-12-10
Luiz Eduardo (le ysts org)
YSTS 6th Edition
Sao Paulo, Brazil
May 7th, 2012

Call for Papers Opens: December 10th 2012
Call for Papers Close: February 26th 2012


After 5 very successful editions we are off to the 6th edition of the
you Sh0t the Sheriff security conference and we ar

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*CLOSING IN 5 DAYS * Re: AppSec DC 2012 - Call for Trainers 2011-12-09
AppSec DC (info appsecdc org)

Just a reminder that the call for trainers closes on December 15th.
We welcome all proposals at varying levels of technical content as
well as non web-specific training.

Submit proposals to


The AppSec DC Program Committee

On Mon, Oct 24, 2011 at 2:27

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resources for system level security? 2011-12-05
ÃÖºÀȯ (zilly1 naver com) (1 replies)
Hi all,

I started to work of focusing on linux system level security. Mostof the servers are providing web services.

Although I have been working on application pen testing, I havelittle experience to handle with security issues of system or OSitself.

Could you recommend where I should start fo

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Re: resources for system level security? 2011-12-10
Artis Schlossberg (artis infosec lv)
auditing web/mail proxies 2011-12-05
cribbar (crib bar hotmail co uk) (1 replies)

Hey all,

Has anyone ever audited a proxy during a pen test/IT audit or as an audit on
itself? If so do you have a scope of what kind of checks you reviewed, or a
checklist? The proxy software in question is web sense which addresses both
email filtering and web filtering. Or any tools that can au

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Re: auditing web/mail proxies 2011-12-06
Anders Thulin (anders thulin sentor se)
CanSecWest 2012 Mar 7-9; 2nd call for papers, closes next week, Monday. Dec 5 2011 2011-11-30
Dragos Ruiu (dr kyx net)
So after a dozen years or so organizing conferences, you
get the urge to pull levers and try experimenting with
things. So this year I sent out the CanSecWest CFP
only over Twitter, and G+ publicly. Just curious as to the
adoption and information dispersion rate, and some
estimate of the attent

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Re: career advice 2011-11-23
Enis Sahin (enis c sahin gmail com)
I don't regard writing your own scripts or tools for a pentest as
being a destructive skill but I guess it's a matter of point of view

I hope I was able to get my point across about the need to create your
own thing as you know more, do more and have ideas that you have to
address yourself.


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Data in transit (with a twist)... 2011-11-23
cribbar (crib bar hotmail co uk) (2 replies)

Hey Guys,

This is not so much a pen testing question (although perhaps you pen test
physical transfers) â?? but as many of you are absolute security experts, some
I assume will be CHECK/CREST approved â?? it is a valuable resource Iâ??d like
to tap into for some general brainstorming and advice.

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Re: Data in transit (with a twist)... 2011-11-23
Bog Witch (iambogwitch gmail com)
Re: Data in transit (with a twist)... 2011-11-23
Vic Vandal (vvandal well com)
Re: career advice 2011-11-23
Nathalie Vaiser (nvaiser gmail com) (2 replies)
I wanted to thank everyone who responded to my question.

I wasn't expecting so many replies (and quality responses). You have
all been extremely helpful and given me a lot to think about and
useful resources to look into.

I'm proud to be a member of this great community.


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Re: career advice 2011-11-23
tom (tom g13net com)
Re: career advice 2011-11-23
Enis Sahin (enis c sahin gmail com) (1 replies)
Re: career advice 2011-11-23
Dr. Lizzz (dr lizzz gmail com) (1 replies)
Re: career advice 2011-11-24
psiinon (psiinon gmail com)
career advice 2011-11-22
Nathalie Vaiser (nvaiser gmail com) (4 replies)
Hello all,

I'm hoping to get some direction/advice from some seasoned IT security

In short, I've been in IT for about 10 years (mainly as a system
administrator / helpdesk type of role - web servers).  I've always
been interested in security and have recently taken and passed the

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RE: career advice 2011-11-23
Ward, Jon (Jon_Ward SYNTELINC COM)
Re: career advice 2011-11-22
Ali-Reza Anghaie (ali packetknife com) (1 replies)
Re: career advice 2011-11-23
David Glosser (david glosser gmail com)
Re: career advice 2011-11-22
Robin Wood (robin digininja org)
RE: career advice 2011-11-22
Iman Louis (ilouis cigital com)
CarolinaCon-8 (2012) Call For Papers/Presenters/Speakers 2011-11-21
Vic Vandal (vvandal well com)
CarolinaCon-8/2012 - Call for Papers/Presenters/Speakers

h4x0rs, InfoSec professionals, international spies, script kidz, and posers,

CarolinaCon-8 will occur on May 11th-13th 2012 in Raleigh NC (USA). We are now officially accepting speaker/paper/demo submissions for the event.

If you are s

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