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Hide internal address (Postfix) 2006-01-10
kucserak post sk (2 replies)
Hi everyone!

Iam using Postfix for mail delivery.If somebody inside my network send mail outside the network, the recipient can see in the message header the internal address of the sender host.I would like to hide it, or replace it with the external address of my router.
Any suggestion?

best rega

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Re: Hide internal address (Postfix) 2006-01-10
Pavel Ruzicka (pavel ruzicka i cz)
Re: Hide internal address (Postfix) 2006-01-10
claus westerkamp (claus westerkamp raytion com)
IPS project - wanted translators 2006-01-08
JEMF (jemf gabcmt eb mil br) (1 replies)
We need translators for the HLBR IPS project (except to english). The
URL of the project is

HLBR is an IPS (Intrusion Prevention System) that can filter packets
directly in the layer 2 of the OSI model (so the machine doesn't need
even an IP address). Dete

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Re: IPS project - wanted translators 2006-01-09
Dan Trevino (dan wrevolution org)
Obsidis n°1 released! 2005-12-23
angelo rosiello org
Obsidis is a scientific/underground magazine that focuses on research in ITC security.
The project is managed by Rosiello Security in conjunction with members of Packetstorm Security, Astalavista, Information Security Writers, Blacksun and Hackers Center who make up the Committee.


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SF new article announcement: OpenSSH cutting edge 2005-12-20
Moderator (mod-linux securityfocus com)

The following interview was published on SecurityFocus today:

OpenSSH cutting edge
interview by Federico Biancuzzi

Federico Biancuzzi interviews OpenSSH developer Damien Miller to discuss
features included in the upcoming version 4.3, public key crypto protocols
details, timing based

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RE: Security, Distributed firewalling application...long ;-) 2005-12-02
peter lukas thomson com
Take a look at Smoothwall for a standalone appliance-like device:

Better yet, give FWBuilder a shot:

Fwbuilder is really quite impressive, you can manage multiple platforms
from a single console. The tool is much similar to one offered by that

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Re: Re: Kryptor for Linux released 2005-12-02
angelo rosiello org
I am not going to reply anymore after this...
"before calling something secure, i would suggest picking up a coding
tutorial... that extremeftpd looks... well.. horrible (it is (if possible)
worse than raveftpd)"
I suppose you don't know what is cryptography if you think it is coding something. I

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Security, Distributed firewalling application...long ;-) 2005-11-29
Sanjay Arora (sanjay k arora gmail com) (2 replies)

We are a small company with a (very short) shoe-string budget running
CentOS 4.2. I am a newbie sys-admin and am planning securing the Network
as follows, please comment on design and if known suggest a GUI & policy
based ruleset generator that can additionally (preferably rsync the
ruleset o

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Re: Security, Distributed firewalling application...long ;-) 2005-11-29
Joachim Schipper (j schipper math uu nl) (1 replies)
Re: Security, Distributed firewalling application...long ;-) 2005-12-01
Samuel R. Baskinger (sbaskinger lumeta com)
Re: Security, Distributed firewalling application...long ;-) 2005-11-29
David Ballester - Kern Pharma (dballester kernpharma com)
Re: Re: Kryptor for Linux released 2005-11-23
angelo rosiello org (2 replies)
The algorithm ARCS-256 bits is not vulnerable, in the way of feasible attacks, to MD5 collisions.
If you want try to make an analysis of the algorithm so you can notice it.
However the white paper of the algorithm will be released soon.
Before saying something is insecure I suggest you to prove it.

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Re: Kryptor for Linux released 2005-11-25
Rik Bobbaers (Rik Bobbaers cc kuleuven be) (1 replies)
Re: Kryptor for Linux released 2005-11-25
Gilbert Fernandes (gilbert fernandes spamcop net)
Re: Kryptor for Linux released 2005-11-24
Byron Sonne (blsonne rogers com)
RE: Automatic Password Generator Tools on Unix Platform 2005-11-21
Gusain, Subodh (subodh gusain hp com)
I have done extensive security practice on HP UX 11i systems.
HP UX SAM facility offers you an option to generate automatic passwords.
You can tie this with user password expiry policies. Your system has to
be in trusted mode (I think!!!)

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