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Re: Possible Overflow in MS Word 2003 2006-04-28
Lokutus van Mel (lokutusvanmel gmx ch)
I've the same version in German on two PCs. On one I can reproduce it
but on the other I can't ...
Can this error contigent on the used OS?
The machine on which I can only reproduce the error is running with MS
Windows XP Professional SP .....

gmdalpian (at) gmail (dot) com [email concealed] wrote:
> Hi!
> I've foun

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RE: Possible Overflow in MS Word 2003 2006-04-28
Narang, Rishi (rsnarang ipolicynetworks com)
Hi Guilherme M. Dalpian,

Dear, its NOT reproducible with "Microsoft Office Word 2003
(11.6568.6568) SP2" English

Thanks & Regards,
Rishi Narang
Member, Security Research Team
+91 987 3401060
+91 120 2567001 [Ext: 1252]
iPolicy Networks, India

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Possible Overflow in MS Word 2003 2006-04-27
gmdalpian gmail com (2 replies)

I've found a bug in Word 2003, that could possibly lead to a buffer overflow.

To reproduce the bug, you have simply to create a document with a word of 32 or 33 characters (letters or numbers), followed by "." and some other character. Ex.:

01234567890123456789012345678901. Test

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Re: Possible Overflow in MS Word 2003 2006-04-28
André Gil (andregil di fct unl pt)
Re: Possible Overflow in MS Word 2003 2006-04-27
Thierry Zoller (Thierry Zoller lu)
0DAY Firefox Remote Code Execution and Denial of Service Vulnerability <= iframe.contentWindow.focus() 2006-04-24
chris splices org
Firefox Web Browser
Linux, Windows clients' version
Firefox Remote Code Execution and Denial of Service
A handling issue exists in how Firefox handles certain Javascript in js310.dll and xpcom_cor

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New site about security conferences : 2006-04-18
newslist (at) security-briefings (dot) com [email concealed] (newslist security-briefings com)
Hello all,

We proud to announce the release of a new site devoted to security
conferences :

Our goal is to highlight major information provided during the most
popular and interesting conferences such as (but not limited to) :
Blackhat, Shmoocon, Defcon, Recon, Ca

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IE Update Possible vulnerability 2006-04-17
sitrucious gmail com
The latest IE Update was put in place due to patent litigations but did MS not test it enough. If there are a large number of object or other tabs IE will lock up. I have not verified if it is just locked up or if there is a more serious threat of exploit. It would be interesting to use as a case

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Re: XSS 2006-04-17
Juan C Calderon (johnccr yahoo com) (1 replies)

I want to share with you this information I got from
this same list back in April 5th, It is about a virus
created with an XSS at a myspace website (check the
list archives). - Intricate Script Injection Vulnerability

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Re: XSS 2006-04-17
v9 (v9 fakehalo us) (3 replies)
Re: XSS 2006-04-17
Juan C Calderon (johnccr yahoo com)
Re: XSS 2006-04-18
morgan allen (morganrallen sbcglobal net)
Re: XSS 2006-04-17
Valdis Kletnieks vt edu
Re: Re: XSS 2006-04-13
v9 fakehalo us (1 replies)
I understand the possibilities of XSS, however if you have to inject it as part of the URL line to have it display the injection i don't see how you are going to fool people, maybe encode it? otherwise it will be quite obvious, and it would have to be something small after being encoded. another th

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Re: XSS 2006-04-14
ascii (ascii katamail com)
Recon 2006: speaker lineup announcement 2006-04-13
Recon (hfortier recon cx)
RECON 2006 -
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
16 - 18 June 2006

We are pleased to announce the final speaker lineup selection for the RECON conference.

RECON is a computer security conference being held in Montreal.
The conference offers a single track of presentations over the span of thr

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Re: XSS 2006-04-12
v9 fakehalo us (1 replies)
Is it me, or do these XSS vulnerabilies not really count? I don't see a way this can be abused other than to yourself. In my book a XSS vulnerability must be stored on the server and displayed for others to view, otherwise whats the point? If i'm not getting the big picture, someone inform me...I d

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Re: XSS 2006-04-12
Daniel (clearscreen lycantrope com)
vulnerability research approach 2006-04-12
Alice Bryson (abryson bytefocus com)
hi there:
i'd like to find some vulnerabilities. i am a anti-virus analysis
before, so i'm experienced with disassembling, Windows API
programming, IDA, OllyDBG, SoftICE and other tools.
My question is where to start the vulnerability research? thank
you for sharing your experience.


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Old issue- MS NT PPTP/RAS DoS 2006-04-11
SanjayR (sanjayr intoto com)

Sorry for posting a mail on a very old issue. but still, I shall
appreciate, if somebody responds to this.

While analyzing some vulnerability, and doing some back tracing, I came to
know about one issue of DoS on Microsoft NT RAS/PPTP. The issue is covered
under BID 2111 and has CVE-1999-0

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the spikey gmail com
Hey guys,
I found this kind of 'hole' in, you can exucute some code, not all.(i.e. you cannot use a / )
I have not reported this yet, i'm sorry :+

Try it out:
&atid=0&words=<span style="position: fixed; top: 0px; left:

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FW: Google Reader "preview" and "lens" script improper feed validation 2006-04-05
Debasis Mohanty (debasis hackingspirits com)

-----Original Message-----
From: Debasis Mohanty [mailto:debasis (at) hackingspirits (dot) com [email concealed]]
Sent: Thursday, April 06, 2006 12:40 AM
To: 'bugtraq (at) securityfocus (dot) com [email concealed]'
Subject: Google Reader "preview" and "lens" script improper feed validation
Importance: High

Sending it late as I missed to send this to b

[ more ]  [ reply ] - Intricate Script Injection 2006-04-06
silentproducts gmail com
Original: - Intricate Script Injection Vulnerability
Reported April 5th, 2006

The following article details a real vulnerability within the major social network The seriousness of this script

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