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Kryptor for Linux released 2005-11-19
angelo rosiello org
Kryptor is a graphical tool to encrypt files using the algorithm ARCS-256 by Rosiello Security. It is also possible to erase files by overwriting data with a pseudo-random sequence of bytes iterated three times, which will make data recovery a very complex operation.
Requirements: Linux+KDE.

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Automatic Password Generator Tools on Unix Platform 2005-11-18
j sonsurkar ixiscm com (1 replies)
Hello, Can someone please help me to find some tool to generate the automatic random password tool on Unix platform. I did lots of search on web but most of the tools are on Windows platform and not on Unix.


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Re: Automatic Password Generator Tools on Unix Platform 2005-11-21
Martin Glazer (securityfocus glazer ca)
SF new column announcement: Linux worm overrated 2005-11-10
Moderator (mod-linux securityfocus com) (1 replies)
The following column was published on SecurityFocus today:

Linux worm overrated
by Daniel Hanson

The latest and greatest Linux worm isn't the most elegant or fastest spreading
worm, or even one that's difficult to stop, but it still offers a warning for
Web developers and administrato

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Re: SF new column announcement: Linux worm overrated 2005-11-10
Alex Nordstrom (lx se linux org) (1 replies)
Re: SF new column announcement: Linux worm overrated 2005-11-10
James Eaton-Lee (james mailing gmail com)
Re: Re: httpd and port 7200 2005-10-26
tigerblue puzzleapuma de

at least the grep -r 7200 /apacheconfigfiles/* gave the right hint. A dms-service for oracle was listening on this port.
thanx for all your help.

best regards


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httpd and port 7200 2005-10-20
tigerblue puzzleapuma de (2 replies)

I´ve just installed an apache on an redhat enterprise. On this machine is only an ssh and this apache, but when I´m using the netstat -a command, I see the an open port tcp on 7200. When I use "fuser -v -n tcp 7200", to find out which process is behind this port I get this Info...


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Re: httpd and port 7200 2005-10-24
Terry Dooher (tdooher lists naturalmotion com) (1 replies)
Re: httpd and port 7200 2005-10-25
dewey hylton (securityfocus com hyltown com)
Re: httpd and port 7200 2005-10-24
Thomas Chiverton (thomas chiverton bluefinger com)
RE: routing_based_on_port/services 2005-10-07
Sven-Åke Larsson (Sven-Ake Larsson hiq se) (1 replies)

Even though this is a great solution with a lot of options there was a post
from George Njoku with two different forward rules. Shouldn't it work? At
least it's simple.


-----Original Message-----
From: Artur Szczotka
To: kucserak (at) post (dot) sk [email concealed]
Cc: focus-linux (at) securityfocus (dot) com [email concealed]
Sent: 2005

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Re: routing_based_on_port/services 2005-10-07
Phil Dyer (phil dyermaker org)
Re: routing_based_on_port/services 2005-10-05
nospam nospam org
Please read the "Linux Advanced Routing & Traffic Control HOWTO", available on

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FW: routing_based_on_port/services 2005-10-04
George Njoku (gon2 njit edu)

Iptables -A FORWARD -i "External interface1" -o "internal interface1" -m
Iptables -A FORWARD -p tcp -i "internal interface1" -o "ext int1"
--source-port 25:110:21:20 -j ACCEPT

Iptables -A FORWARD -i "External interface2" -o "internal interface2" -m

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Re: Securing Fedora Core 4 2005-10-02
Scott Rippee (scott hypexr org)
I agree with this completely and after a few years of not taking this approach have had to many headaches to count. Within a few weeks I will have my web services moved to a dedicated computer with no internal privileges and be able to sleep a little better at night. :)

On Sun, Sep 25, 2005 at 01

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routing_based_on_port/services 2005-10-03
kucserak post sk (7 replies)
Dear List!

I just want to ask you a question.I have a linux(Secure platform) gateway server with 2 external ip address to the internet (one S/0 ADSl, second S/1 Point to Point) and one internal ip eth0 for my LAN. I need to split up the outgoing traffic.HTTP/HTTPS want to route through the ADSL and

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Re: routing_based_on_port/services 2005-10-05
David Ballester - Kern Pharma (dballester kernpharma com)
Re: routing_based_on_port/services 2005-10-05
Artur Szczotka (artis ae katowice pl)
Re: routing_based_on_port/services 2005-10-05
Vladimir Mitiouchev (vovcia irc pl)
Re: routing_based_on_port/services 2005-10-04
Jose Luis Domingo Lopez (focus-linux 24x7linux com)
Re: routing_based_on_port/services 2005-10-04
Frank Burkhardt (fbo2 gmx net)
Re: routing_based_on_port/services 2005-10-04
Joachim Schipper (j schipper math uu nl)
Re: routing_based_on_port/services 2005-10-04
Martin Benda (bendis bendis cz)
Re: Group permissions changed 2005-09-30
Glynn Clements (glynn gclements plus com)

Eduardo Tongson wrote:

> > I posted this before on the security basics, but haven't recieved
> > a response, and it worries me a bit, so I'm sending this to a few
> > other groups in hopes that someone will have an idea about it.
> >
> > ---
> >
> > Fairly recently I noticed my ftp client wouldn't

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Re: Group permissions changed 2005-09-29
Jan Slupski (jslupski juljas net)
On Thu, 29 Sep 2005, joop gerritse wrote:

> On Wednesday 28 September 2005 20:33, sf_submit (at) yahoo (dot) com [email concealed] wrote:
>> I posted this before on the security basics, but haven't recieved a
>> response, and it worries me a bit, so I'm sending this to a few other
>> groups in hopes that someone will have an i

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