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Critical Vulnerabilites 2005-12-07
silentproducts gmail com
Critical Myspace Vulnerabilities Leave Every Active Account Exploitable
Reported December 5th, 2005

In this advisory we will be detailing some very recent holes in the web-application. If you are not
familiar with Myspace there is much information about the in

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Cause of MS SSL DoS attack 2005-11-28
SanjayR (sanjayr intoto com) (1 replies)
Hi All;
I am trying to understand the main cause of DoS for MS SSL vulnerability
(MS04-011, CAN-2004-0120). Everywhere, I get one information
that specially malformed SSL messages can cause DoS, but what exactly is
causing the DoS is not mentioned. After seeing the exploit code, I could
see tha

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Re: Cause of MS SSL DoS attack 2005-11-29
David Barroso (dbarroso s21sec com)
Randomized Stack 2005-11-23
veider ank-pki ru (1 replies)
Hello, All!

I am trying to exploit a stack based overflow on a system with stack randomization. Knowing function addresses with "objdump -D" I am able
to run thouse functions. I've read phrack article about bypassing
PaX ASLR, but there the author is able to control function arguments that is

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Re: Randomized Stack 2005-11-25
Oldani Massimiliano (sgrakkyu antifork org) (1 replies)
Re: Randomized Stack 2005-11-28
Rik Bobbaers (Rik Bobbaers cc kuleuven be)
Exploiting the Stack (Part I-IV) 2005-11-22
Nish securityfocus com, "[at]" securityfocus com,securitycompass securityfocus com, "[dot]" securityfocus com,com securityfocus com
All four articles on wrting stack overflow on windows has been released on Security Compass website. The articles and the code used in them can be accessed through Security Compass's web site at

Comments and suggestions about the articles can be

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(CORRECTION) memory leak and eventual DOS when calling UPNP getdevicelist on windows 2000 server 2005-11-14
WINNY THOMAS (winnymthomas yahoo com)
There is a slight mistake in the code. on line
number 146 you will see
"\x00\x00\x00\x00" //This is what kills the target.
\x00\x00\x00\x00 is safe

Change that line to
"\x10\x10\x10\x10" //This is what kills the target.
\x00\x00\x00\x00 is safe

and then you will see the memory usage s

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Schneier's PasswordSafe password validation flaw 2005-11-16
info elcomsoft com

Title : Schneier's PasswordSafe password validation flaw
Date : November 16, 2005
Product : PasswordSafe 1.x, 2.x
Discovered by : ElcomSoft Co.Ltd.


PasswordSafe is a program originally written

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memory leak and eventual DOS when calling UPNP getdevicelist on windows 2000 server 2005-11-14
WINNY THOMAS (winnymthomas yahoo com)
* Author: Winny Thomas
* Nevis Labs, Pune, INDIA
* Details:
* While working on the exploit for MS05-047 i came
across a condition where
* a specially crafted request to upnp_getdevicelist
would cause
* services.exe to consume memory to a point where the
target machines virtual

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RANKBOX <= XSS vulnerability 2005-11-07
spyburn mexico rlz (spy-burn hotmail com)
# #
# Advisory #1 Title:
# "RANKBOX <= XSS vulnerability"
# #

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Stack Overflow Basics 2005-11-03
Nish securityfocus com, "[a-t]" securityfocus com,security securityfocus com, compass securityfocus com,dot securityfocus com, com securityfocus com

Some articles on Writing Stack Based Overflows for Windows has been released by securitycompass. The articles released this week introduce basic concepts of of memory management, and assembly. Next week the next two articles will be released which cover writling local exploits, writing shellco

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Black Hat Federal and Europe CFP and Registration now open 2005-11-03
Jeff Moss (jmoss blackhat com)
Hello VulnDev readers, things have been busy at Black Hat, and I would like to make some brief announcements about our Call For Papers (CFP), Registration, Pod casts, and legal battles.

BLACK HAT FEDERAL 2006 Trainings and Briefings
January 23rd to the 26th Sheraton Crystal City, Washington D.C.

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RE: Re: Vulnerability Buyer Company 2005-10-31
Evans, Arian (Arian Evans fishnetsecurity com)
If one parses the text of the Digital Armaments website
with the various texts of the yahoo email sender, there
are some very obvious spelling and syntax similarities. ;)

Nice try though; normally I can tell which widget vendor
is socially-engineering the various lists from webmail
accounts by the

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EUSecWest/London Call for Papers and PacSec/Tokyo announcements 2005-11-01
Dragos Ruiu (dr kyx net)

(PacSec/Tokyo Announcement below...)


London Security Summit February 20/21 2006

LONDON, United Kingdom -- Applied technical security
will be the focus of a new annual conference fro

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Re: Re: Vulnerability Buyer Company 2005-10-31
dave_endler 3Com com
Hi there,

With regards to the Zero Day Initiative, every monetary offer we have made
so far has been accepted. It's also interesting that we have no record of
you in our researcher list. Either this is poorly disguised digitalarmaments
self-plug or you need to check our PGP key to ensure you are t

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New List 2005-10-31
Dave McKinney (dm securityfocus com)


The primary objective of the Beta-Announce list is to provide the
SecurityFocus community access to upcoming security tool and product
trials. In the same vein it will provide access to tool authors and
to announce their beta programs and get valuable feedback from the

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Re: Re: Vulnerability Buyer Company 2005-10-30
mpycube yahoo com
thanks for the answers.
at the end i sent the vulnerability
both to

and the offer of the second one was much higher.
so i decided to work with them. paymenth fast and as concorded and i also got some credit to get in future some stock's option

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Question on new umpnpmgr wsprinfW buffer overflow 2005-10-29
A A (hd78432 yahoo com)
I have downloaded the available exploit for the latest
buffer overflow for umpnpmgr.dll available on the
net. Running the code umpnp_poc.c compiled out of the
box run against a windows xp sp1 box does not appear
to do anything. I have attached windbg to the
services process , and when I execute t

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Multiple vulnerabilities within RockLiffe MailSite Express WebMail 2005-10-28
Paul Craig (paul craig security-assessment com)

= Multiple vulnerabilities within RockLiffe MailSite Express WebMail
= Also available online at
= Vendor Website:
= http://www

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Re: problem in rewrite RET address in Buffer OverFlow 2005-10-26
behrang hat-squad com
You should find all imported DLLs by the vulnerable program and then do a search
for required opcode (in this case jmp esp) to find memory addresses that dose
not contain NULLs. In the case of no suitable address , then you should think
about using other possible methods like SEH exploitation or ret

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problem in rewrite RET address in Buffer OverFlow 2005-10-25
Mani 682001 gmail com (1 replies)
hi list
i Work for writing one local exploit so i want to rewrite RET address with EIP(some where My NOP and Shellcode is there) but i have a problem in this.
the EIP address is 002F77E1 if you pay some attension you can see first byte is "00" and if i put it in my String in my exploit C/C++ think i

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Re: problem in rewrite RET address in Buffer OverFlow 2005-10-26
Gerry Eisenhaur (gerrye gmail com)
Vulnerability Assesment tools(Vuln testing tools) 2005-10-24
shyaam gmail com (2 replies)
Dear Group,

I am trying to find out the Vulnerability assessment toolkits, both paid and unpaid versions of softwares. Kindly, let me know if you have any list off tools for Vuln Assessment.
Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.
Yours Sincerely,
Shyaam Sundhar R S

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Re: Vulnerability Assesment tools(Vuln testing tools) 2005-11-02
Gadi Evron (ge linuxbox org)
Re: Vulnerability Assesment tools(Vuln testing tools) 2005-10-26
Carlos Carvalho (h4sh globo com)
MS05-047 remote DOS (exploit code attached; compiles on linux) 2005-10-24
WINNY THOMAS (winnymthomas yahoo com)
/* Program: Denial of Service attack for MS UMPNPMGR
* Author: Winny Thomas
* Vulnerability: no length checking on passed
parameter to PNP_GetDeviceList in UMPNPMGR.dll
* Note: The code crashes services.exe on the target,
effectively bringing down the target against which its

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