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HFS with EnCase 2005-08-01
LERTI - Paul Vidonne (paul vidonne lerti fr)

I post "message 1" and you asked me to raised the question to manufacturer.

I do so and I received "message 2" from Guidance Software, but I was not satisfaite with Darell's response. So I send "Message 3" a month ago ... without answer.

So I re-submit "message 1" to securityfocus ...


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Re: Digital forensics of a image? 2005-08-01
keydet89 yahoo com
Try pulling all EXIF data from the JPG, if you can.

Perhaps rather than raiding the user's PC, you can map a drive and do a search instead. Something like that might not be noticed as much as a full-out raid.

H. Carvey
"Windows Forensics and Incident Recovery"

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RE: Digital forensics of a image? 2005-08-01
Shannon.ONeil (Shannon ONeil target com)
Run a Google search for viewer/extractors of;

EXIF Information typically written by digital cameras
IPTC Wide standard for metadata, developed with Adobe's help
XMP Adobe's desired new standard for metadata storage.

You didn't mention whether the original image was a digital photograph
or an

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Digital forensics of a image? 2005-07-31
somewhere google com (3 replies)
i got a JPG file. I'm trying to trace it back to its original author of the picture ( with limited suspect of 100, but we can't GO raid their PC because its more an insider issue & don't wanna create any* buzzz)

So, I don't have any OTHER evidence to track-back, the author except this image. Neith

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Re: Digital forensics of a image? 2005-08-01
Kenya Allmond Raabe (kenya allmond gmail com)
Re: Digital forensics of a image? 2005-08-01
Jonathan Glass (GMail) (jonathan glass gmail com)
RE: Digital forensics of a image? 2005-08-01
Miguel Angel Rodríguez Jódar (rodriguj atc us es)
RE: video patterns 2005-07-21
Gary Funck (gary intrepid com) (1 replies)

I ran some stats on the distribution of file sizes on a Windows NTFS
drive extracted from a computer that had been in use for several
years. Windows XP was installed. There are 44,744 files on the
drive, consuming approximately 18G total.

I put together a quick spreadsheet which calculated the n

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Re: video patterns 2005-07-25
David Billard (David Billard adm unige ch)
StegAlyzerSS (Steganography Analyzer Signature Scanner) -- Free Trial Version Now Available! 2005-07-21
Chad W. Davis (chad davis backbonesecurity com)
Backbone Security's Steganography Analysis and Research Center (SARC) is
pleased to announce the availability of a free limited-time trial version of
our steganography application signature scanning tool ... StegAlyzerSS.

StegAlyzerSS is a digital forensic analysis tool designed to extend the

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RE: How to copy the pagefile.sys from a live system 2005-07-21
Steven Wood (swood alste-tech com) (1 replies)

You can also use FTK Imager from AccessData.


Steven W Wood

MCSE Windows NT 4.0, MCSE Windows 2000, MCSD, MCSA
Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE)
Certified Computer Examiner (CCE)
Certified in Homeland Security - Level 2 (CHS-2)
Certified Computer Crime Investigator (CCCI)
Certified Compute

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RE: How to copy the pagefile.sys from a live system 2005-07-22
Stefan Fleischmann (mail x-ways com)
RE: video patterns 2005-07-21
Greg Kelley (gkelley vestigeltd com)
I think this is an excellent idea.

My thought was to dive into the file structure of these video files. Is
there any metadata stored in them such as camera model, time and date of
video, length, resolution, etc. If you can determine if metadata is
stored and where it is stored, that might help yo

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How to copy the pagefile.sys from a live system 2005-07-18
Akin, Thomas (ISS Atlanta) (takin iss net)

I've seen this question asked a few times in the past without a good
answer... I've been successful pulling the pagefile.sys from a live
system using Disk Explorer from (Won't work with the
demo version)

- File->Drive (open the drive letter you want to copy from)
- Goto->Root

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video patterns 2005-07-19
LERTI - David Billard (David Billard lerti fr) (4 replies)
Dear all,

We are working on a case where video files are important. We have a
system disk drive (Windows) onto which some video files have been
played. We have the original video files from the judge. We tried to
search for these files (and big chunks of them) in the unallocated
space, but to n

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Re: video patterns 2005-07-20
Alexander Klimov (alserkli inbox ru)
Re: video patterns 2005-07-20
Dietmar Mauersberger (news mausburger de)
RE: video patterns 2005-07-20
Gary Funck (gary intrepid com)
Re: video patterns 2005-07-20
Valdis Kletnieks vt edu
Re: Recovering data on a CD-RW 2005-07-15
Erik Fichtner (emf obfuscation org) (1 replies)
Frank Knobbe wrote:
> I would assume that there are tiny
> indentations that remain from a previous burn of a given dimple that
> might be observable through electron microscopy. Is anyone aware of such
> research?

CD-RW uses a temperature sensitive layer that either crystallizes or
does not crysta

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Re: Recovering data on a CD-RW 2005-07-15
Chris Douglas (chris douglas gmail com)
Re: Recovering data on a CD-RW 2005-07-15
Keith Oxenrider (web10198 sol-biotech com)
An electron microscope would require splitting the disk to expose the bit surface (and probably require heavy metal staining as well), but a decent optical microscope might reveal the bits. The question then would be how to automate the scanning so you are not bent over the microscope all day count

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PacSec/core05 Call For Papers 2005-07-12
Dragos Ruiu (dr kyx net)

English url:
Japanese url:


World Security Pros To Converge on Japan November 15/16

TOKYO, Japan -- To address the increasing importance of information
security in Japan, the b

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Re: Recovering data on a CD-RW 2005-07-11
Valdis Kletnieks vt edu (2 replies)
On Sat, 09 Jul 2005 16:09:01 PDT, ChayoteMu said:
> CD/DVDs are not magnetic and so harder to recover from. If the disk
> was erased fully then the data is lost. The erasing process actually
> zeros the data on the CD:

I'd not be surprised if a *lo

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Re: Recovering data on a CD-RW 2005-07-28
Peter Keel (security cyberlink ch)
Re: Recovering data on a CD-RW 2005-07-14
Damir Rajnovic (gaus cisco com)
Re: Recovering data on a CD-RW 2005-07-10
Mike Sweeney (mikesweeney packetattack com) (1 replies)
I've personally used CDROLLER with good success on both RWCDR and
recovering data from a scratched CDR that the drive normally would
not read. The price is right and the folks are easy to deal with.

Mike Sweeney

mikesweeney at

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RE: Recovering data on a CD-RW 2005-07-11
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