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AlphaNumeric Exploitation Help 2005-05-26
ramatkal hotmail com (1 replies)

I am trying to exploit a vulnerable server which only allows
alphanumeric characters....

I have successfully taken control of EIP and now need to do a JUMP -600

The problem is, that 'eb' and 'e9' are not alphanumeric asci codes and
thus cannot be used to do the jumps in the payload..

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Re: AlphaNumeric Exploitation Help 2005-05-26
KF (lists) (kf_lists digitalmunition com)
Re: problem to exploit a stack overflow 2005-05-25
6d79676d61696c6163636f756e74 gmail com
In-Reply-To: <433ee3d9050524070923ba6ab5 (at) (dot) com [email concealed]>

>so the access violation happend (this time) in the beging of the
>shellcode !!!? is that a security future in xp sp2 ? or samething
>else? can sameone help me to understand this .
>thank you

You have overwritten ebp with nops... then you

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problem to exploit a stack overflow 2005-05-24
migalo digalo (l epsilon gmail com) (1 replies)
hi all,

ok i tested many test with shell that have not 0xcc and 0xc9 ... i
dicided to test it with my own shellcode (a very simple one)
unsigned char shellcode[] =
"\xC6\x45\xFC\x63" /* mov byte ptr [ebp-4],63h*/
"\xC6\x45\xFD\x6D" /* mov byte ptr [ebp-3],6Dh*/

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Re: problem to exploit a stack overflow 2005-05-25
Daniele Milan (milan daniele gmail com)
Re: PEB heap exploitation question 2005-05-24
nolimit bugtraq (nolimit bugtraq gmail com)
Hello 6d79676d61696c6163636f756e74,

It's a shame that theirs not as much documentation on this subject, as
stack overflows. It's a complex subject, and as such can only be
explained by a handful of people.
This is one of the prominent sources abou

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problem to exploit a stack overflow 2005-05-22
migalo digalo (l epsilon gmail com) (1 replies)
hi all,

first post :-D

ok,ok i am trying to exploit an example of stack overflow vunerable prog:

[code]#include <stdlib.h>
#include <stdio.h>
int bof()
char buffer[8];
FILE *badfile=NULL;

badfile=fopen( "badfile", "r" );
printf("[+]file open\n");

fread( buffer, sizeof( char ), 10

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Re: problem to exploit a stack overflow 2005-05-23
Valdis Kletnieks vt edu
PEB heap exploitation question 2005-05-21
6d79676d61696c6163636f756e74 gmail com

Hello folks,

I am trying to modify an exploit to use the PEB method to exploit a heap overflow which currently overwrites the unhandled exception filter.

What I have tried doing is to make 2 writes - the first, overwriting the FastPEBLockRoutine pointer to a writable address inside the PEB, then

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JavaMail Information Disclosure (msgno) 2005-05-19
Ricky Latt (ygnboyz gmail com)

"The JavaMail API provides a platform-independent and protocol-independent framework to build mail and messaging applications. The JavaMail API is implemented as a Java platform optional package and is also available as part of the Java 2 platform, Enterprise Edition. JavaMail provides a common, u

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Exploitation Help 2005-05-17
ramatkal hotmail com (2 replies)

Several questions on a remote stack overflow i am trying to exploit on windows 2k/XP/2003....

I send a GET request to a vulnerable web server, when the Authorization Header is 250 bytes long, a buffer overflow occurs and i have full control over EIP. However, if the Authorization Header is larger

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Re: Exploitation Help 2005-05-18
Felix Lindner (felix lindner nruns com)
Re: Exploitation Help 2005-05-17
James Longstreet (jlongs2 uic edu)
procps (vmstat) -p argument stack overflow 2005-05-17
"A. Alejandro Hernández" (nitrous danitrous org) (1 replies)
Product: PROCPS The /proc file system utilities (vmstat)
URL Vendor:
Affected version: 3.2.5
Error Type: Boundary Condition Error
Risk: Low [ But high if vmstat is a suid binary ]
Tested on: Ubuntu Linux
Author: A. Alejandro Hernández Hernández <nitrous@d

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Re: procps (vmstat) -p argument stack overflow 2005-05-17
Carlos Carvalho (h4sh globo com)
!! Conference Program Computer Security Mexico 2005 !! 2005-05-17
Seguridad en Computo - UNAM (seguridad seguridad unam mx)


Computer Security Mexico 2005
"11th Years celebrating Computer Security Mexico"

Palacio de Mineria
May 26th - M

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New Free Tool - Foundstone .NET Mon 2005-05-13
Curphey, Mark (mark curphey foundstone com)
We are pleased to release another free tool for your pleasure....

For the Impatient

Download Binaries -

Download User Guide -


For the Less Impa

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Ethereal v0.9.13 to v0.10.10 DISTCC Denial of Service Exploit (Buffer Overflow) 2005-05-11
David Jungerson (david-jungerson web de)
From the original Ethereal Advisory on : `The DISTCC dissector
was susceptible to a buffer overflow. Discovered by Ilja van Sprundel
Versions affected: 0.9.13 to 0.10.10'. Just had a quick look at it, but
the exploit is a classical signed vs. unsigned

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Announcement: The Web Security Mailing List 2005-05-08
contact webappsec org
The Web Application Security Consortium (WASC) is proud to present 'The Web Security Mailing List'.

What is The Web Security Mailing List?
The Web Security Mailing List is an open information forum for discussing topics relevant to
web security. Topics include, but are not limited to, industry ne

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top (procps-2.0.7-25) vulnerability 2005-05-07
WINNY THOMAS (winnymthomas yahoo com) (2 replies)
While running top on a tool of mine to do a profiling
test the top command ran into a segmentation fault. I
could find two instance where the command could

1. if you have junk data inside a
file .toprc in your home directory
2. if your environmental v

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Re: top (procps-2.0.7-25) vulnerability 2005-05-09
Ayaz Ahmed Khan (ayaz pakcon org) (1 replies)
Re: top (procps-2.0.7-25) vulnerability 2005-05-10
KF (lists) (kf_lists digitalmunition com)
Re: top (procps-2.0.7-25) vulnerability 2005-05-09
KF (lists) (kf_lists digitalmunition com)
Missing string length check in Horde 2005-05-06
Andrea Parrella (yap yapsoft it)
The Horde Framework has several classes for the creation of forms. For
example, to create a form with a domain field you just have to create an
instance of the Horde_Form class and to call the addVariable() method.

$form->addVariable(_("Domain name"), "domain_name", "text", true, false,
null, array

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tools for analyzing java code 2005-05-05
Mads Rasmussen (mads opencs com br) (1 replies)

Anyone knows any tools to analyze security problems with java code?

I have come across some, like


CodePro Analytix


Parasoft's J

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Re: tools for analyzing java code 2005-05-06
Kyle Maxwell (krmaxwell gmail com)
Black Hat USA 2005 Reminder CFP closing soon! 2005-04-27
Jeff Moss (jmoss blackhat com)
Hash: SHA1

The Black Hat USA 2005 Call for Papers closes May 1st! Do not hesitate to submit your presentation, as time is running out. This is your chance to present in front of the largest Black Hat to date, and share your knowledge with you peers. For more detai

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ADV: NetTerm's NetFtpd 4.2.2 Buffer Overflow + PoC Exploit 2005-04-26
shadown (shadown gmail com)
See attached files.

Sergio Alvarez
Security, Research & Development
IT Security Consultant
email: shadown (at) gmail (dot) com [email concealed]

This message is confidential. It may also contain information that is
privileged or otherwise legally exempt from disclosure. If you have
received it by mistake

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why chmod race conditions are bad 2005-04-21
Imran Ghory (imranghory gmail com)
This message was rejected by bugtraq but as I think it contains some
useful explainations I decided to post it here instead.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Imran Ghory <imranghory (at) gmail (dot) com [email concealed]>
To: bugtraq (at) securityfocus (dot) com [email concealed]
Date: Sat, 16 Apr 2005

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Recon 2005 - Speakers list 2005-04-20
dataworm (dataworm violating us)
RECON 2005

Montreal, Quebec, Canada
17 - 19 June 2005

We are pleased to announce the final paper selection for the RECON
RECON is a computer security conference taking place in downtown
Montreal from
the 17th to the 19th of June 2005.

Please take note that we have extended the early

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