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RE: [logs] Star Trek and Log Integrity 2008-05-06
Marcus J. Ranum (mjr ranum com) (1 replies)
chris.wee (at) loglogic (dot) com [email concealed] wrote:
>It is so disappointing that even in the 24th century, computer logs are
>not tamper-proof.

What do you expect from a starship that runs on Windows-24k? Microsoft
added support for syslog in 2348 - citing customer demand - but still
has no Enterprise-class log architec

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Re: [logs] Star Trek and Log Integrity 2008-05-06
Bill Burge (bill burge com)
[logs] Star Trek and Log Integrity 2008-05-06
Tina Bird (tbird precision-guesswork com) (1 replies)

I can't believe we've been talking about log data on this list for what,
over 6 years now, and no one's ever brought it up.

The CBS network Web site provides episodes of classic TV shows for viewing,
at the cost of 90 seconds of advertising breaks per episode:


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RE: [logs] Star Trek and Log Integrity 2008-05-06
chris wee loglogic com
[logs] What OTHER info is most useful for log analysis? 2008-05-06
Anton Chuvakin (anton chuvakin org)

Usually I don't bother the esteemed list members with my polls (e.g.
see http://chuvakin.blogspot.com/search/label/poll), but with this one
I MUST 'cause this is where the quality of source information counts

The poll is about what context information is most useful when
analyzing logs:

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[logs] OSSEC v1.5 released 2008-05-02
Daniel Cid (dcid ossec net)
Hi list,

The OSSEC team is pleased to announce the general availability of OSSEC HIDS
version 1.5.

OSSEC is an Open Source Host-based Intrusion Detection System and
performs log analysis,
integrity checking, Windows registry monitoring, rootkit detection,
real-time alerting and active response.

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[logs] Novell eDirectory events 2008-04-16
Anusuya K (anusuya_k yahoo com)
We are using Novell eDirectory event services API to capture the events generated by eDirectory. Novell eDirectory generates a set of events for each operation performed. For eg. A Modify Entry operation would generate a Modify entry event and multiple Add/Modify Attribute value events based

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[logs] EUSecWest CFP Closes April 14th (conf May 21/22 2008) 2008-04-10
Dragos Ruiu (dr kyx net)
(We've moved the conference this year to the a club
in Leicester Square in the heart of London and SoHo.
We'll be putting speakers up across the square at the
Radisson Edwardian Hampshire, but there are lots of
hotels in the region there in the center of London
for those who want to attend (the ve

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[logs] rsyslog email alerting 2008-04-08
Rainer Gerhards (rgerhards hq adiscon com) (2 replies)
[disclaimer: I am the rsyslog author]
Hi all:

When we are at new tools, I'd like to ask for some feedback on syslogd
email alerting. I have today released a version of rsyslog (3.17.0) that
has native email alerting capabilities. I have included it because a
couple of folks have asked for this feat

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Re: [logs] rsyslog email alerting 2008-04-09
Jason Haar (Jason Haar trimble co nz) (2 replies)
RE: [logs] rsyslog email alerting 2008-04-09
Rainer Gerhards (rgerhards hq adiscon com)
RE: [logs] rsyslog email alerting 2008-04-09
Clayton Dukes (cdukes) (cdukes cisco com)
Re: [logs] rsyslog email alerting 2008-04-09
Harry Hoffman (hhoffman ip-solutions net)
[logs] FW: New tool released : Syslog Fuzzer 2008-04-08
Tina Bird (tbird precision-guesswork com) (1 replies)

For those of you developing syslog implementations (hi Rainer!), as well as
us sys admins who like to stress test systems before production deployment,
the following may prove useful:

-----Original Message-----
From: jaime.blasco (at) aitsec (dot) com [email concealed] [mailto:jaime.blasco (at) aitsec (dot) com [email concealed]]
Sent: Tuesday, April 08

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RE: [logs] FW: New tool released : Syslog Fuzzer 2008-04-08
Rainer Gerhards (rgerhards hq adiscon com)
[logs] on the unreliability of plain tcp syslog 2008-04-02
Rainer Gerhards (rgerhards hq adiscon com)
Hi folks,

I guess at least a few will bash me with telling old news, but I just
wrote a quick blog post with some technical relevance on why plain tcp
syslog is an inherently unreliable protocol. In case someone is actually
surprised or would like to bash me, please spend a minute at:


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[logs] CanSecWest 2008 PWN2OWN - Mar 26-28 2008-03-21
Dragos Ruiu (dr kyx net)
Calendar Notes:

PacSec 2008 will be on November 12/13 in Tokyo at Aoyama Diamond Hall.

EUSecWest 2008 will be on May 21/22 at a fun new venue in central London.
(We cooked this schedule up so it will enable people to fly to Berlin on
the 23rd and make FX's ph-neutral on Saturday the 2

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