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802.11 management frames supported (Was: Xmas, variadic macros, and 802.11) 2004-12-25
Frédéric Raynal (frederic raynal security-labs org) (1 replies)

Re-hi everybody,

I'm done with the support of 802.11 management frame in libnetng.
Currently, only the builders are available, not the injection.

All usual management frames are supported:

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Re: 802.11 management frames supported (Was: Xmas, variadic macros, and 802.11) 2004-12-26
Gisle Vanem (giva bgnett no) (1 replies)
Re: 802.11 management frames supported (Was: Xmas, variadic macros, and 802.11) 2004-12-28
Frédéric Raynal (frederic raynal security-labs org)
Re: Bug#284729: libnet1: UDP checksums are bogus in odd sized packets 2004-12-09
Domenico Andreoli (cavok debian org) (1 replies)
On Thu, Dec 09, 2004 at 06:16:30AM +0100, Frédéric Raynal wrote:
> Hi,

hi, thank you for the fast response :)

> Here is a replacement function for libnet_in_cksum() (file
> libnet/src/libnet_checksum.c) Several fix have been proposed on
> libnet's ML, and that the one _I_ prefer, but I dont kno

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Re: Bug#284729: libnet1: UDP checksums are bogus in odd sized packets 2004-12-09
Frédéric Raynal (frederic raynal security-labs org)
Fwd: Bug#284729: libnet1: UDP checksums are bogus in odd sized packets 2004-12-08
Domenico Andreoli (cavok tiscali it)
hi Mike, hi all,

here is a bug reported to libnet debian package. full log is available

i saw similar bug has been reported few days ago against tcp checksum.
is this the same bug? could you please hand me the solution in order
to let me fix the debian package? th

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problem in tcp checksum? 2004-12-03
Shai Rubin (shai cs wisc edu) (1 replies)
Dear libnet users/developers,

I have recently switched from libnet version 1.1.0 to version

Unfortunately, my code stops working.

It seems to me that there is a problem in the tcp checksum mechanism in
the new version. When I trace my packets with tcpdump I get "bad tcp
cksum" if a pa

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Re: problem in tcp checksum? 2004-12-04
Mike Schiffman (mike infonexus com)
Source MAC address 2004-12-01
gerry (zggrry yahoo com)


I have a question concerning libnet 1.1.x and the link-layer interface.

Mike writes in his excellent book:

"The link-layer enables a finer-grained control of packet header values because the OS kernel will not touch the packet before it is written out (the exception being that some interf

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REG : Libnet API REF 2004-11-25
Neema Network (neema network gmail com) (1 replies)
Dear All,

I am new to the libnet. where can I find the API reference for the
latest library.. Thanks in advance for the help.


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Re: REG : Libnet API REF 2004-11-28
embyte (embyte madlab it) (1 replies)
Re: REG : Libnet API REF 2004-12-01
Shu Xiao (sxiao cisco com)
error: invalid conversion from `u_int8_t*' to `char*' 2004-11-22
Ray Reynolds (reynoldsraya yahoo com)


I have been trying to run sample code from libnet from and have been getting this annoying error when using the command( :

[ray@localhost sample]$ g++ dns.c -o dns

dns.c: In function `int main(int, char**)':

dns.c:130: error: invalid conversion from `u_int8_

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Installing Libnet 1.1.2 2004-11-19
Ray Reynolds (reynoldsraya yahoo com)

Hey i am trying to use libnet 1.1.2 using Linux. The thing is i am newbie to linux and i am trying to get the project to compile but there are no clear install instructions , does anyone have any tips they could offer, i would really appreciate it . Thanx in advance

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Runtime error 2004-11-17
amilabs (amilabs optonline net)

I have every thing working, latest sdk/sp for vc++6,libenet and winpcap files. I can complile UDP1 and Link it to udp1.exe. However when I run it I get a windows messoge pop box stating:

"the procedure entry point PacketGetNetInfo could not be located in the dynamic link library packet.dll"

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libnet problem 2004-11-14
Ivelin Dgd (siten abv bg) (1 replies)

i have a problem using ur libnet 1.1.x when i get ./configure to a program that is using libnet i get:

loading cache ./config.cache

checking for gcc... (cached) gcc

checking whether the C compiler (gcc ) works... yes

checking whether the C compiler (gcc ) is a cross-compiler... no


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Re: libnet problem 2004-11-15
Jose Nazario (jose monkey org)
Libnet 1.0.2a doesn´t compile 2004-04-26
Nicolas Saurbier (nicolas saurbier biodata de)


I tried to compile Libnet 1.0.2a under Gentoo-linux

with 2.6 Kernel but this fails:

Libnet-1.0.2a # make

gcc -O2 -funroll-loops -fomit-frame-pointer -Wall -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -c src/libnet_resolve.c -o src/libnet_resolve.o

In file included from src/libnet_resolve.c:36:


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Libpcap and iptables 2004-04-25
Graeme Connell (gconnell middlebury edu)

If I capture a packet through libpcap and I want it to be processed just like any other packet, is there a way to inject it into the iptables INPUT table to be processed? Specifically, I'm trying to spoof a MAC address, and I want all sniffed packets with the spoofed address to be treated as regu

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Libnet under Win32 problem 2004-04-25
Macleod Chang (macleod mail2000 com tw) (1 replies)


I'm using Libnet under Win32 to do a stree test on my

network hardware. And found a problem of this. Thx!!










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Re: Libnet under Win32 problem 2004-04-25
Wesley Shields (wxs csh rit edu)
packets injected from libnet 2004-04-21
aksingh hss hns com


I wanted to know what happens to a packet that has been injected into the
kernel using libnet, does that first hit (if somebody here has an idea of
Netfilter) NF_IP_PRE_ROUTING netfilter hook or NF_IP_LOCAL_OUT netfilter
hook , that is if my libnet conext is raw and user libnet_write funct

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Re: WELCOME to libnet (at) securityfocus (dot) com [email concealed] 2004-04-21
aksingh hss hns com (1 replies)


I am a libnet newbie, how do i find out if libnet is installed on my
linux machine, i am using linux kernel 2.4.2 ?


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about libnet 2004-04-15
Jee J.Z. (jz105 york ac uk) (2 replies)
Hi all,

I am new to libnet and the list. Could anybody confirm that whether libnet
is able to do the following jobs:

1. Capture incoming packets and examine/store their contents;
2. Kill these packets (stop forwarding them to other peers or upper layers);
3. Re-construct these packets according to

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Re: about libnet 2004-04-15
Michael C. Toren (mct toren net)
Re: about libnet 2004-04-15
Wesley Shields (wxs csh rit edu)
Pack for libnet- under cygwin 2004-04-14
kha (kha kha laposte net)

Because a lot of people (including me) seem to have some issues
compiling or using libnet under cygwin, i made a little pack to simplify
all the stuff.

(My laptop crashed so i wasn't able to send it last week)

The pack contains :

-> two folders of patches :

One to pacth some .h, .c, .i

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