In the Headlines March 04, 2010
FBI embeds cyber-investigators in Ukraine, Estonia
Computerworld , March 04, 2010
Hoping to catch cybercrooks, the FBI has begun embedding agents with law enforcement agencies in Estonia, the Ukraine and the Netherlands.

NATO chief calls attention to cyber threats
MSNBC , March 04, 2010
NATO is facing new threats in cyberspace that cannot be met by lining up soldiers and tanks, the alliance's secretary-general said Thursday in an apparent reference to terror groups and criminal networks.

White House outlines secret cybersecurity plan
CNET , March 02, 2010
Ever since President Bush signed a secret cybersecurity directive two years ago, executive branch officials have been dropping hints about what might be in the highly classified document known as NSPD54.

4 charged with hacking into concert ticket sites
MSNBC , March 01, 2010
Four California men were charged on Monday with using sophisticated computer programs to fraudulently obtain more than a million tickets to concerts and sporting events and reselling them for a profit estimated at $29 million.

Researchers question Microsoft's botnet take-down
Computerworld , February 26, 2010
A prominent security researcher today said he doubts Microsoft's take-down of the Waledac botnet would have any impact on spam levels, as the company claimed.


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