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Contact Information
Name: Levon Simonov
Email: Lsimonov5 (at) fcc (dot) net [email concealed]
Location: Brooklyn, New York, United States
Position/Title: Jr. Security Analyst
Resume: Dr. Levon G. Simonov

P.O. Box 190830, Brooklyn, NY 11219, USA

Phone: (718) 266-6938 Home,

Cell (917) 407-7677

Lsimonov5 (at) fcc (dot) net [email concealed]

Objective: A position in the field of Business Administration, Media Analyst, Analyst, Publisher, Literary Editor, Russian language trainer, Psychosociology Consultant.

Summary: US Citizen. Well experienced, educated and highly skilled specialist.

The literary editor in Russian. Correction of stylistics of any texts in Russian.

Training of Russian informal conversation. Russian - perfection and consultations

1989: Doctor's degree (Sc.Dr.) in Biology. Dissertation - Institute of Medico-Biological Problems, USSR Ministry of Health Care, Moscow.

1977: Ph. Degree (Ph.D.) in Biology. Dissertation - Institute of Pathological Physiology, USSR Academy of Sciences, Moscow.

Scientific Work:

More than 100 scientific articles are published in special journals;

11 innovations and 4 rationalization proposals. In 1988 and 1989 received gold medals for his works in the field of cerebral and all cardiovascular circulation study. As a chief of the group of programmers took part in developing of computerized diagnostic medical complexes.

Professional Experience:

- 1995 – present ,

New York, USA - Medical Forum – Medinfo, Co., President & CEO., Business Administration, Psychosociology Consultant, Analyzer:

- 2005, 2006,

New York, USA - The publication of articles in newspaper NRS (Russian)

- 2002 – present,

New York, USA - Special Dialog Center (SDC), Scientific Consultant, Coordinator.

- 1998 – 2001,

New York, USA - United Nations, Consultant.

-1994 – 2002,

New York, USA - Publisher and Literary Editor Bulletin "Medicine, Science, Innovation and Business News" (Russian).


New York, USA - Publisher and Literary Editor book "Conversation with American Doctors" (Russian).


New York, USA - Publisher and Literary Editor broshure "Car & Limo Service New York”

-1994, 1995,

New York, USA - The publication of articles in newspaper “Russkaya Reklama”.

-1990 – 1993,

Moscow, Russia - General Manager Medico-Biological Association INNOMED, Publisher and Literary Editor Business Bulletin INNOMED (Russian).

- 1991 – 1992,

Moscow, Russia - Publisher and Literary Editor of historic “Marshal Bagramian” book-photo album publishing into three languages (English, Armenian, Russian).

- 1987 – 1988,

Moscow – Yerevan - Preparation and digest edition of three books of

D. Karnegi “How to make friends...”(during six months) in newspaper

“The Mirror”(Yerevan, Armenia) (Russian).

Society Activities:

- 1999 – present,

Republica Georgia - Academician, Member of the International Academy of Social-Economic Sciences.

- 1998 – 2000,

Russia-USA - Representative of Coordinative Board at Government

of Russian Federation in the USA.

- 1995 – present,

New York, USA - Vice-president of Association Immigrants from the former USSR in New York.


- 1997, NY, USA - “EEG Biofeedback”. California Psychological Association.

- Sc.Dr., 1979-1989,

Moscow, USSR - Institute of Medico - Biological Problems, USSR Ministry of Health Care.

- Ph. D., 1971-1977,

Moscow, USSR - N.V. Skliphosovsky Scientific-Research Institute of Emergency Medical Aid.

- M.S. 1964 – 1970,

Tbilisi, Georgia, USSR - Physics, Experimental Physics, Tbilisi State University

Place of Birth - Tbilisi, Georgia, USSR

Special Skills: Knowledge of both written and oral Russian, spoken Armenian and Georgian.

References - Available upon request:



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