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Contact Information
Name: Kaushal Kapadia
Email: kaushal.kapadia (at) gmail (dot) com [email concealed]
Location: Pune, Maharashtra, India
Position/Title: Application Security Architect
Resume: Kaushal Kapadia 7, Sanjeevani Apts, Near Mantri Kishore Park,

Ashok Nagar, Pune – 411007

Email: kaushal.kapadia (at) gmail (dot) com [email concealed]

Home: 91-20-25532779

Mobile: 91-9881465264



Professional Background

• 11 years of industry experience in Internet technologies

• 8 years of product development experience in the areas of Identity Management and Security

• Experience in architecture, design and development of a high availability, high performance and highly scalable product (Distributed Architecture).

• Domain Expertise in the areas of Identity Management, Security and Access Control, Delegated Administration, Password Management and Single Sign On.

• Experience in setting up processes and handling a large team.

• Showcased Identity Management Domain expertise and Product development expertise to prospective clients.

Technical Background

Operating Systems : Windows, Solaris, AIX, HP-UX and Linux

Languages : C, C++, Java, PERL, HTML, JavaScripts

Tools : Visual Studio, Perforce, g++, gdb, AdPlus, Proc tools (pstack, pmap,..), Purify, Test Director, VSS, Windbg, Make

Directory Server : Sun One, Active Directory, IBM Sway Directory

Web Servers : Sun One (iplanet), Apache, IIS

Standards : HTTP, Cookie, LDAP

Others : Cryptography, Security Engineering


• B.E (Computer Science), 1996, Pune Institute of Computer Technology, Pune, India

Industry Experience

Company : Persistent Systems Pvt. Ltd Pune

Duration : 1999- till date

Description Persistent Systems Pvt Ltd is a leader in Outsourced Product development. I have worked with the Oblix Product development group since joining Persistent Systems Pvt. Ltd. I have worked on the development of “NetPoint” suite of Identity Management and Security products from version 3.6 to 7.x. I am currently working with the Identity Management group at Oracle (bought Oblix in 2005).

Role : • Promoted to Technical Manager – 2004

• Promoted to Associate Technical Manager - 2002

• Promoted to Senior Member of Technical Staff – 1999

• Joined as Member of Technical Staff - 1999

Work Details : • Designing products for Large Scale Deployments

o Designed and implemented the Search feature for the Access System Administration Console.

o Designed and implemented the Clustering feature for the Access Server component

o Designed and implemented the Delegated Administration feature for the Access System Console

• Designing for High Performance

o Designed the collection of measurement counters for the Access Server and CoreID Server.

o Designed performance enhancement changes to the Patch tool and developed functional specification for patch tool enhancements

o Using specialized Memory Allocation library like Smartheap to enhance performance.

o Studied the design of thread pooling, connection pooling and cache design in a high performance server.

• Domain Expertise

o Added webgate (PEP) support for Apache web server. Enhanced and fixed bugs in the webgate (PEP) on iplanet and IIS web server.

o Developed the Functional Specifications for the Lost Password Management functionality

o Upgraded the RSA Crypto-C and SSL-C libraries used in the product and added support for the AES encryption scheme.

o Worked on enhancements for the SSO feature

o Designed and implemented the administration console for Authentication Chaining feature.

• Cross Platform Product Development

o Worked on the projects for Porting the Netpoint product to Linux, HP-UX and AIX platforms.

• Miscellaneous

o Designed and implemented the LDAP Query Builder component

o Worked on the Ldap layer to support the work flow engine.

o Enhanced the Selector to support any LDAP object class

• Team Setup

o Setup the Access System group at PSPL. Visited Oblix headquarters at Cupertino, CA for a period of 3 months to understand their new Access System product and build rapport with the client.

o Setup the Customer Response Team at PSPL.

o Technical consultant to the Professional Services team at PSPL during the startup phase.

o Technical consultant to the QA team at PSPL during the startup phase.

Technologies : C++, HTML, JavaScripts, LDAP, HTTP, Cryptography

Platforms : Windows, Solaris, Linux, AIX and HP-UX

Company : Cybercash India Pvt. Ltd Bangalore

Duration : 1996-1999

Description : Cybercash India Pvt. Ltd was a wholly owned subsidiary of Cybercash Inc. (Reston, VA). Cybercash Inc was a pioneer in Internet Payment Systems.

Role : • Promoted to Senior Software Engineer – 1998

• Software Engineer - 1996

Work Details : • Worked on development and certification of the Merchant Server using the SET protocol. This involved developing the administration Console, setting up the SET certification testing framework and fixing bugs in the Merchant Server to make it SET compliant.

• Interacted with Microsoft Wallet development team for SET interoperability with Cybercash Merchant Server. This project was done at Cybercash Inc headquaters in Reston VA.

• Worked on adding support for Japanese UI to the Wallet software. The task involved adding wide char support to the Wallet software.

• Worked on the Merchant Server development Team. This involved mainly bug fixing, running purify to fix memory leaks and developing demos for integrating Merchant Server with the web site.

Technologies : C++, HTML, HTTP, Perl, Client-Server Architecture, Oracle Database, Cryptography

Platforms : Windows, Solaris



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