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Contact Information
Name: David A Robinson
Email: DevRobinson80 (at) gmail (dot) com [email concealed]
Location: Comer, Georgia, United States
Position/Title: Developer
Resume: Resume for David A. Robinson

Contact Information:

David A. Robinson

223 Barwick Hill Road

Comer, GA 30629-2512

Home Phone: (706) 207-3615

Email: devrobinson80 (at) gmail (dot) com [email concealed]

Technical Skills:

Extensive knowledge of C and C++

Knowledge of Java

Knowledge of Sockets and Network programming

Knowledge of Linux/Unix development

Knowledge of TCL, Python

Knowledge of Windows XP


Received M.S. in Computer Science from Georgia Institute of Technology,

May 2004

Final GPA: 3.78

Enrolled as a PhD student in the College of Computing at Georgia Tech


Graduated summa cum laude with a B.S. in computer science from the

University of Georgia, May 1999.

Overall GPA: 3.92

Major GPA: 4.00

Academic Honors:

1. Recipient of the Hope Scholarship, covering all tuition and fees,

for 1996-1999

2. Presidential Scholar at UGA for more than 10 quarters and


3. President's Scholar at Georgia Tech

Work Experience:

Software Engineer - Astronautics Corporation of America

October 2006 - July 2007

• worked on Verification of the Airbus A400M Software

• worked with the D0178B Verification standard

• Used Telelogic DOORS to link requirements.

• Used Merant Version Manager as Source Control

• Tested performance of AFDX cards with Python

• Coded back-end software in C/C++

• 50% development and test scripting 50% testing and documentation

• Used Merant Version Manager as Source Control, Linux as Operating System

Software Engineer - Ciena Corporation

January 2005 - August 2006

• Worked on CoreDirector, a 2.4 Gbps optical networking switch

• Most work in C/C++

• Bug fixing of a 2 million lines of code product

• Performance testing of SONET with TCL/Tk

• Object-Oriented design, with a little bit of new feature development

• Simulation debugging with Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0

• Operating Systems: VxWorks and WIndows XP

• Used Perforce as Version Management

Summer Intern - Promisant Technologies Inc.

May 2004 - September 2004

• Implemented a Single Sign On

• Wrote application in Java/J2EE

• Used Struts/JSP/Servlets for development

• Developed a C bridge between the Actuate Reporting Server and the Single Sign On

• Used MyEclipse/Eclipse with CVS as version management

Research Assistant working on embedded, wireless, adaptive multimedia systems in C/Linux January 2000 through April 2004

Teaching Assistant for Theory I, College of Computing, Georgia Tech,

August 1999-December 1999

Selected Graduate School Course Work:

Operating Systems CS 6230

Intro to Networking, Survivable Systems

Information Security Attack Lab

Requirements Analysis, Algorithms (CS 6550)

Real-Time Systems (CS 6235)

Advanced Compiler Analysis and Optimizations (CS 8803)

Dependable Distributed Systems (ECE 8803)

Probabilistic Models (ISYE 6650)



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