Pseudo Random Number Generator Daemon
by Lutz Jaenicke
Platforms: POSIX
Categories: Cryptography, Random Numbers, Tests
Version: v0.9.25
The Pseudo Random Number Generator Daemon (PRNGD) offers an EGD compatible interface for obtaining random data. It is intented to be used as an entropy source to feed other software, especially software based on OpenSSL. Like EGD, it calls system programs to collect entropy. Unlike EGD, it does not generate a pool of random bits that can be called from other software. Instead, it feeds the bits gathered into the OpenSSL PRNG, from which the "random bits" are obtained when requested. This way, PRNGD is never drained and can never block (unlike EGD), so it is also suitable to seed inetd-started programs. It also features a seed-save file, so that it is immediately usable after system start.

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