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SecurityFocus News features security-related news stories written by highly regarded SF news staff, as well as security-related news through partnerships with The Register, the Washington Post and BusinessWeek. In addition, SecurityFocus compiles daily security-related headlines from sources around the Internet.

SecurityFocus Infocus articles are in-depth feature articles divided into eight areas of interest: Penetration-Testing, Firewalls, Microsoft, Unix, Intrusion Detection (IDS), Virus, Incident Handling, and Foundations. Each area is aimed at helping readers to properly implement effective security measures as well as introducing readers to new technologies, methods, and potential concerns.

SecurityFocus Columnists offer knowledgeable, insightful comments about topical issues that affect all members of the security community. The columns are written by prominent, well-respected members of the security community.

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The SecurityFocus Vulnerability Database provides security professionals with the most up-to-date information on vulnerabilities for all platforms and services. This information is provided for free with a 48-hour delay from when the vulnerability is first published, or as a paid service without any delay.

BugTraq is a full disclosure mailing list from SecurityFocus, for the detailed discussion and announcement of computer security vulnerabilities. BugTraq serves as the cornerstone of the Internet-wide security community.

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Once your RSS Reader is setup and you've added the new SecurityFocus RSS feeds, browse on over to Scott Granneman's column for an exhaustive list of many other security-related RSS feeds that may interest you.

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