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Thank you for your interest in our new Security Focus Beta Program. The Security Focus Team would like to provide you with an overview of the program and how to apply for inclusion.

Goals of the Beta Program
The goal of the beta program is to provide companies with a vendor-neutral forum in which to expose their security technologies to the largest audience of security professionals available anywhere. The program is free of charge and is designed to put security technology companies and their beta programs in touch with beta reviewers who can provide focused, expert feedback during the development and beta process.

How to Apply
Any company that meets the following criteria is eligible to apply:

  1. Your technology must be focused on security. Technologies that incorporate non-security related technologies or services in anything but a supporting role will not be considered.
  2. At no point during the Beta program can the beta convert to a commercial product offering without reasonable notification. Your Beta must either stop on a specific date or continue at no charge as a beta offering or freeware.
  3. Your beta program must have a clearly articulated and available privacy policy.
  4. Your beta program must have a clearly articulated and available terms of service policy.
  5. Your beta program must be free of charge, be fully functional (no crippleware) and provide a mechanism for beta reviewers to provide feedback.

Please complete the form here to submit your beta for review. Once your submission has been reviewed and has met the Security Focus Beta Program criteria, your beta program will go "live" on Securityfocus.com

Contact Information
If you have any questions/concerns prior to filling out the beta submission form, or if you need additional information, please send an email to the Security Focus Team at betaprograms@securityfocus.com.

Given the volume of submissions it may take some time to respond. Please be patient while we review your request.

Thank you for your interest in the Security Focus Beta Program. We look forward to assisting you in with a successful beta for your company.


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