TTY-Watcher 1.1b
by Mike Neuman, mcn (at) EnGarde (dot) com [email concealed]
Platforms: Solaris, SunOS
Categories: Auditing, Host
TTY-Watcher is a utility to monitor and control users on a single system. It is based on our IP-Watcher utility, which can be used to monitor and control users on an entire network. It is similar to advise or tap, but with many more advanced features and a user friendly (either X-Windows or text) interface. TTY-Watcher allows the user to monitor every tty on the system, as well as interact with them by: to the real owner of the TTY without interfering with the commands he's typing. The message will only be displayed on his screen and will not be sent to the underlying process. Aside from monitoring and controlling TTYs, individual connections can be logged to either a raw logfile for later playback (somewhat like a VCR) or to a text file.

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