Open JCE
by Australian Business Access, feedback-jce (at) (dot) au [email concealed]
Platforms: Java
Categories: Applications, Cryptography, Libraries, Libraries, Libraries, Programming, Replacement
Version: 1.1
The Open JCE Project for JavaTM is a clean room implementation of the JavaTM Cryptography Extension (JCE) API as defined by Sun MicrosystemsTM, plus a provider of underlying crypto algorithms.

This JCE is based on the early access beta2 version of the JCE as available from the Java Developer ConnectionTM early access area. Since the Sun JCE is written for JDK 1.2, there are three versions of the library included. One which is compatible with JDK 1.02, one with JDK 1.1 and one with JDK 1.2 (tested against JDK 1.2fcs). The complete source for each library is also included.

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