by Richard Puckett, rpuckett (at) snl (dot) com [email concealed]
Platforms: Windows NT
Categories: System Security Management, Windows NT
Regsec.kix is a 32-bit Kixtart script designed to run at logon that resets (currently) 46 security-related Registry edits on NT workstations and servers, grouped into 3 increasingly-secure levels (called DEFCONS). The script allows for messagebox prompting ( through the $QUERYUSR variable) prior to the installation of each edit, or an administrator can opt to automate the entire installation process. It also possesses a debug property, which allows the admin to simply review the proposed changes for each level. Each grouping of edits can be tailored by modifying the $DEFCON value. All notes regarding this script's use are in the source code of the script.

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