by Kirby Kuehl <vacuum (at) users.sourceforge (dot) net [email concealed]>
Platforms: FreeBSD, Linux, NetBSD, OpenBSD
Categories: Access Control, ACLs
Version: v0.4
Pixilate is a packet generation tool based off of Libnet 1.1.0 (Older Libnet 1.0.x versions will not work). Pixilate generates packets by parsing a file that contains ACLs in either Cisco IOS format (using the -r option) or in Cisco PIX 6.2x format. Currently TCP, UDP, IGMP, and various types of ICMP packets are built with the appropriate source and destination for each rule. "any" as a source generates a random source address and "any" as a destination will send the packet to the user supplied destination (-d option). For more information, see the pixilate manpage.

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