by Frank da Cruz
Platforms: AIX, FreeBSD, HP-UX, Linux, MacOS, NetBSD, OpenBSD, SCO, Solaris, SunOS
Categories: Miscellaneous, Network Utilities
Version: v8.0.211
C-Kermit is a combined serial and network communication software package offering a consistent, medium-independent, cross-platform approach to connection establishment, terminal sessions, file transfer, character-set translation, numeric and alphanumeric paging, and automation of communication tasks. Recent versions include FTP and HTTP clients as well as an SSH interface, all of which can be scripted and aware of character-sets. It supports built-in security methods, including Kerberos IV, Kerberos V, SSL/TLS, and SRP, FTP protocol features such as MLSD, and source-code parity with Kermit 95 2.1 for Windows and OS/2.

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